Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 40: Hitting the streets

My first official week in Gyeongsan has been absolutely amazing, and I love my companion!!  Gyeongsan is in the Dae gu Province, and it is actually pretty hot over here though it has absolutely no humidity... It is an amazing city and I love being here and I love being able to talk to so many people and, most of all, being able to share the restored
gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone.  Also for our service activity, we work at a soup kitchen for old people, and it is so great seeing them and being able to smile - we really do love them so much!  This week has been very busy, but I'm so happy that I can be here
in Gyeongsan!

So this week, we have had a lot of miracles happen in this area, especially seeing peoples’ hearts being opened to hearing about Jesus Christ and his restored gospel.  
This week I actually want to focus on the topic of miracles. We talk about miracles and as I have heard today, miracles happen all the time and in all sorts of places.
There are miracles in sports, at school and life, in general.  Miracles are  "extraordinary" events "caused by the power of God.  Miracles are an important element in the work of Jesus Christ: they include healings, restoring the dead to life, and resurrection.  Miracles are a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Faith is necessary in order for miracles to be manifested".   All based on faith in Christ and faith that God does answer our prayers, we are able to see these miracles.   What we must do is to trust in Him, and then we can see how much He dwells in us, loves us, and cares for us.  I love this gospel with all my heart,
and with faith, I can share it with all people, and hopefully as they feel our Heavenly Fathers' love, they will desire to come closer unto Him!!

So this week was a very short week - or at least it felt very short!!  So last Monday, my last companion and I, cleaned up our house in Miryang, and sent my luggage through the post office, and went to the train station where my companion went down to Busan, and I met my new companion.  Then my new companion, Lee YongJe, and I started to get to
know each other, and it was great!  Then we took a train up to Gyeongsan, wrote emails, got our haircut, and then went shopping.  After that, we came back to the church and had our Family Home Evening here in Gyeongsan, where I introduced myself, and we played games, and ate s'mores and hot dogs!!

On Tuesday, we studied and had someone come to our house to fix one of our lights --by the way, our house is pretty small.   After that, we had our area meeting with our sisters and went outside and talked to as many people as we could for just about the entire day! We also went and knocked on doors and tried to find families to talk to, and that was fantastic!!

On Wednesday, we went outside again, got to see many people and talk to many people.  We also went to a huge university called Yeongnam University, which is huge
(for a Korean Campus) -- I loved being able to go there.   As we were walking, we were able to stop and help people.   By helping them, we were able to come closer unto Christ, and were able to keep talking and get their number and now we have many appointments scheduled for this upcoming week.  In the evening, we taught English class and that was
fantastic -- the people that attend are amazing!

On Thursday we went to our service activity, and we got to serve the elderly at a soup kitchen as I mentioned earlier!! -- they are so cute!!!   Then we cleaned up dishes, and that was fantastic!!  Then after which, we went and talked to a whole lot of people; many people wanted to meet with us - so that was super good!!  Also many people wanted to
talk with us, so that was fantastic!!

On Friday, we went outside and got to play basketball in the morning (now, I'll be going out everyday probably) and we went to a place called
상인 (Sanging) to go have district meeting!  Then we ate together with other missionaries that came to the meeting, and we all went our separate ways!  When we got home, we got a call from a less active member who wanted to play the ping pong, so we went and had a lesson and played the ping pong.  After that, we went outside, and while we’re walking we met some people.  They showed some great interest in what we want to share with them.  So, we will be meeting with them a lot this coming week as well!!

Then on Saturday, we went outside and talked to people, and went to our English class -- the English Class was phenomenal!!   After the class, we cleaned up the church, and went outside and talked to some other people.  Then, for a very long while, we couldn't find anyone to talk to because no one really wanted to talk with us.  So, my companion and I said a prayer.  Then after a little while, we were able to talk to some more people before we needed to go home, and that was our day!

On Sunday, I played the piano in church, helped teach lessons, and my companion and I had lunch with all the members.  I also got to introduce myself at church to everyone, and that was fantastic!  Then after that, we had a meeting and returned home.   Then, we did our weekly planning.  For the rest of the day, we simply went outside and talked to people!!

I really do love it here, and this is such an amazing place!! I miss you all so much and love guys so much!!

Love Always,

Elder Wilson

New Area: Gyeongsan

Street Hitting

with Elder Lee Yonji

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 39: Follow up training??? and transfered!?

So, this last week on Saturday, I got transfered to a place called
Gyeongsan (
경산).  It is super weird not being in Miryang, but this area seems like an amazing place, and I'm so glad that I’ve gotten the opportunity to serve here.  I also got a new companion and he is Korean.  His name is Elder이용지  (Lee Yonji), and in terms of being out on a mission, he has only been out for 3 months or so.  
Anyway, it is wonderful to be here --- it is very new, but I really do love it.  I’m kind of in a little daze actually because Gyeongsan is a little city and a little bit of countryside; it is very weird because I was serving in Miryang which was very much countryside.  I'm very glad to be serving here, and it is amazing to see how much the Lord blesses others and helps them come closer unto him!  This will be awesome!!  Also Gyeongsan is supposed to get super hot, and I am very excited for that!! It really is awesome to be here, and the more I come to learn the area, the more I will let you know!!

So this week I want to focus on a quote that was given by Elder D. Todd Christofferson, and it reads, "Perhaps the most essential of a father’s work is to turn the hearts of his children to their Heavenly Father".  As missionaries, we talk to all people about our Heavenly Father's purpose and why He wants all of us to come back to Him.  God in his own words states, "For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man". (Moses 1:39)
The way that this is done is by having creating the Plan of Salvation, and sending His son, Jesus Christ, to bear up our sins that we may be made whole and return to our Father in Heaven.  Heavenly Father wants to live with us for eternity and wants us, his children, to live with each other with our eternal families.  Because of Jesus Christ's atonement, I know that I can live with my family forever, and that I may be able to return to  live with my family together again as well.

So this week like all other weeks, seemingly, has been very fast and very fun and very busy.  So last Monday, we had a ward picnic even though it rained.  We cooked entire chickens and made soup -- it was amazing.  The food's name is Samgyetang (
삼계탕) and it is tastes amazing.  So while doing this picnic at the church, we ate and played ping pong.  We had a ping pong tournament, and my companion and I won this tournament -- it was amazing!!  Then we had to go shop.  We came back very very quickly to the church and sent emails.
Then at night, we had our Family Home Evening, and that was fantastic!!

On Tuesday, we went and had a meeting with the sisters, and then talked to more people.  After that we were supposed to go to meet You Il with a member of our church.  To meet him, we need ID card, but because my companion didn’t have it, we ended up riding our bikes all the way home.  As soon as he got the card, we went to meet our member.  Unfortunately he thought the appointment was on Wednesday, we just went all the way up to You il without the member --- still it was a fantastic visit!  Then afterwards we went and knocked on peoples’ doors and then we had English class and that was our day!!

On Wednesday, we cleaned our house very thoroughly and went outside and talked to a lot of people.  We really didn't have any other plans for that day, so that was all we really did. It was very fun and we got to talk to many people the entire day!!

On Thursday, at around lunch time, we got to meet with our American family and talked to them -- it was amazing and fun!! I love their kids.  So, I took pictures with them -- I will send them to you!!
Then after that we went and worked at the horse stables -- and that was super amazing!!  Then after all of this, we went outside and got to talk to multiple people!! I am so thankful that I get to go out and let other people know about the great joy that can be brought through the gospel of Christ!!

On Friday, we got to go to zone meeting.  At zone meeting, I was able to bear my testimony about families and that was great!  Then after the meeting finished, we had a special meeting for leader, and I attended that with Elder Kim.  Then we switched companion, and I went with my first trainer... Elder Tuinei!!  So we got to serve together for a day, and that was AWESOME!!  We went and ate lunch; got to come back to Miryang and talk to so many people -- we had so much fun!  Then we were able to have dinner with one of our investigators -- it was just a great day!!  Then we got to talk a bunch and that was my Friday!!

Then Saturday…   We got to study together, and went to a meeting with all the young men and young women.  We got to play footsal, and that was very fun!!  After that, we had to go to the bus terminal, get on a bus, left to Masan, get changed, go to their English class, switch companion and came
back.  Then Elder Kim and I came back to Miryang, and got to meet with some people.  Then we ate dinner together and that was our day...
On the way back home, my companion got a call from President Barrow saying that he will stay in Miryang while I got a call saying that I will be going to another area, and follow-up training in Gyeongsan --- so, that meant one thing... Start packing!!!

Then on Sunday, we had church, and after church, we got to meet with some more investigators, went and ate with others, and got to go visit members, and that was fantastic!! I love Miryang so much and I miss the area and people there, but I love being here in Gyeongsan now too!!

Thank you for all you do and I love you all so much! :)

Love Always,

Elder Wilson

Awesome Reunion with Elder Tuinei

Great Time with the family from Dallas, Texas

with Members of Miryang Branch

with Elder Kim

with Miryang Branch Members

Elder Wilson's Farewell Party

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 38: Where is the time going!?!

This week has gone way too fast.  It has been hot, and we haven't had a
lot of people to meet with, but wow it has gone fast.  It has been
great this week.  Today I don't have a whole lot of time, but I
really am so glad that I am able to write to my loved ones every week,
and I'm so happy to be here in Korea!

So for this week, I want to talk about the Book of Mormon.  Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have a nickname  “Mormons” because of the Book of Mormon.   
So, what is it actually about??  

The Book of Mormon is an “Another Testament of Jesus Christ,” as its title page says, and also contains the record of the ancient Americas, and even talks about Christ coming down and directly teaching the people of the Americas.  Also the book contains many prophecies from people called prophets, who testified of the coming of Christ and even prophesied about our current day.  Through reading this book, I know that everyone is able to learn so many things, especially the fact that Jesus Christ is our Savior, that Heavenly Father lives, and that families can be together forever.  I know that this book is true!!  If someone wants to know these things, and to know that all the things that we say are true, he/she must read this book with a real intent, and ask our Heavenly Father, believing that he/she will receive an answer!!  I am attaching a link of a man in England testifying about this truth,
and I ask that you watch it at least once!

So on to the week.  On Monday, we had P-day!! Last P-day, we had a
district P-day.  So, we went over to some other Missionaries’ area and
played some games, which my companion and I planned, and then we came back to our area, shopped, got to email for a little bit, and had our
Family Home Evening.  At Family Home Evening, we played some great
games - everyone was happy.  Then we returned home.

On Tuesday, we got to study in the morning, and then got to go outside
and talk to people.  Then we visited You Il in the Prison. He was very happy actually, just like he usually is.  Then we again went outside and taught more people, and came back and had a meeting with our sister team. Then we taught English ---- and that was kind of our day!

On Wednesday, we went over to the other missionaries' area and we had a meeting for a little bit.  Then we exchanged companions - I
stayed in that area while my companion came back to Miryang.   For the
entire day, we were outside talking to people, and found a super nice
lady, who has met with the missionaries before.  Then, we looked for houses, and finally we got to teach English class --- the class was great!!

On Thursday, I returned to Miryang, and my companion and I went walking outside, and talked to people for the entire day!  We even met a half Korean, Half American family from Dallas Texas; they wanted to
learn Korean from my companion and me, so we talked to them for a bit.
Then we walked around and talked to other people.  Also, we got to visit our North Korean friend at night -- that is always a blast!!

On Friday, we met with the family from Texas, and had a blast.  We shared a message, and it looked like they had a great time.   Unfortunately they are only back for summer vacation, but that is all right!  Then we got to go clean up the horse stables.  After that, we returned home, got ready, and went outside, and talked to more

On Saturday, we had another baptismal interview.  So, we went to the
church and talked to the person.  Then we went out, had lunch, returned to the church, and had English class.  Then we cleaned up the church, went talking to people, and that was really our day.

On Sunday, we had church.  After church, we went to talk with
other people, and then called one of our investigators to see if he
had time.  Luckily he did, so we met with him.  Then we went out with the sisters and got to share our happy message with others ---and that was really our week!

It doesn't sound as busy as you would think, but it really is and time
sure flies!  I love you and miss you guys so much!!  Hope you have a
great week!!

Love Always,

Elder Wilson

Playing Games
The District

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 37: A lot of hot and a lot of talking to people!!

This week was absolutely wonderful and I love everyday I get to spend here in Miryang in all honesty!  It has been a great week for sure, and it is getting hotter day by day!  Though, there is no humidity here that it is like desert.  haha.  Miryang really is lovely at all times, but I absolutely love the sun during summer here.  It is wonderful weather!
This week has been super busy with just going out and talking to people.  The more people I meet, the more the Lord blesses me with being able to meet such amazing people.  I love all the people around me and I am so honored to get to meet so many people here in Miryang.  Because the festival was over, there aren't many people in Miryang, and everyone seems to know who we are now and it is awesome to be able to talk with all the people.  It really is amazing. I love it here so much, and it has been amazing! I have a great companion and I love being able to serve with him!  We speak Korean all day long, and it really is a blast!

Today I want to share a message on service.  Service comes in many forms.  They can come from anywhere and anyone, but when we serve and love others, we are really serving our Father in Heaven as well.  Sister Cheryl A. Esplin shared a story of a primary teacher this past session of Women's conference, and she said, "A Primary teacher shared the following example. 'Today,' she said, 'our five- and six-year-old class made love necklaces. Each child drew pictures on strips of paper: one of themselves, one of Jesus, and some of members of their family and loved ones. We glued the strips into circles that looped through each other to make a chain that we turned into love necklaces. As they were drawing, the children talked about their families.
'Heather said, ‘I don’t think my sister loves me. We are always fighting. … I even hate myself. I have a bad life.’ And she put her head in her hands.
'I thought about her family circumstances and felt that maybe she did indeed have a hard life. But after Heather had said this, Anna, down at the other end of the table, responded, ‘Heather, I am putting you in my necklace between me and Jesus because He loves you and I love you.’
'When Anna said that, Heather crawled under the table to get to Anna and threw her arms around her.
'At the end of class, when her grandmother came to pick her up, Heather said, ‘Guess what, Grandma? Jesus loves me.’”
We not only show our love to others by serving them, but also always reminding them that they are loved.  We are to be his helping hands and to love others to bring them closer unto Christ.  We really are all loved by Jesus Christ and by our Heavenly Father.  Love is the base of the family, and the plan of salvation that our Loving Heavenly Father has provided for us. So, as we serve others and love them with all our hearts, be as Christ was. You are loved and show that love to others and care for them. 

So this week was very busy starting off with Monday. On Monday, we went to the church for a little bit and did a little bit of emailing and then afterwards we went up to a Buddhist temple called Pyochungsa which was lovely!!  It was very fun and very warm.  Then we came back and emailed and went shopping, and had to do some other things and then went to go eat dinner.  While we were on our way to go eat dinner, we saw one of our investigators.  He simply handed us an entire fried chicken and then said to go eat.  While we were eating, he was gone.... So interesting.  Then we went back to the church, set up for Family Home Evening.  We had a fantastic Family Home Evening time, and all of us had a great time!! Then we went home and that was our Monday!

Tuesday, we studied in the morning, and then my companion and I made something called Samgyetang at our house for lunch.. Samgyetang is basically a boiled chicken, but one whole boild chicken for each person with some super good broth... That turned out super well.  Then we were supposed to go to meet our Sri Lankan investigator at church, but he couldn't make it.  So, we went outside and talked to bunch of people in the very hot sun!  Then, we went to talk with You il!  He is doing really well.  We returned home, and talked to people around the area ---basically anyone who was out, we tried to talked to, and then we went to the church and had a meeting with the sisters to discuss what was going on in the area and what we needed.   After we ate dinner, we came back to the church and got ready for English class. The English class was great and then we had to go back home!!

Wednesday was my birthday!?!  My birthday came a lot faster this year than it did the other years!!  In the morning we went running, studied a bit and then had our district meeting here in Miryang!!  Everyone came and they sang me “Happy birthday,” and it was super great.  I was very happy.   When the meeting got done, we all went out to go eat together and we had a great meal together.  After that, we came back to the church and my companion interviewed one of the sisters' investigators.  Then when the interview got done, we went outside and talked to a bunch of people: we had some great talks with others.   Then we went to a member’s house for dinner.  She fed us noodles and that was great!  Then we went outside and talked to more people, knocked on a whole bunch of doors, and visited our great Korean friend to finish the day. When we returned home, I opened my present, and received calls from people wishing me happy birthday --- that was very nice of everyone to do.

On Thursday, we studied in the morning, and then had lunch, then planned for the upcoming week.  Then we went outside.  However, it was burning hot.  Still we went and knocked on people's doors and shared messages.   We were supposed to meet with an investigator but he was tired so he canceled on us.  So we just talked to more and more people and knocked on more doors and had some great talks.  Then we went to visit a member, but he wasn't home.  So, we talked to his mom: she is about 80 years old and super cute. Then we went and bought my birthday cake because we were unable to do that on Wednesday.  Then my companion and I ate it on Thursday!!

Friday we were able to study in the morning, and then went outside to talk to people.  Then we went out to lunch with Lee Hungbong who is the owner of the horse stable, and we ate a lot of raw fish.  I was very very happy about that!  Then we went to his stable and cleaned up for 5 hours, and return home and got changed and went outside to go talk to others.  Then we got a feeling to go knock on a huge apartment complex, so we did so.   After doing it for a while, it was getting really dark so, we decided it was about time to call it a day.   We knocked on one last door.  Then someone came out and said they were Buddhist, but we talked with him for a bit.  Then he invited us in, and him and his wife really have interest in the church! So it was amazing to see how many miracles the Lord does work in our everyday lives. 

On Saturday we studied in the morning.  We studied a lot this week... So we studied in the morning, and then went to the church and did a young adult activity --- we played the SOCCER BOWLING!~!  It was great!  Then we had lunch, got ready for English class, had English class, and then played Ping Pong with the people that attended.  It was great!  After all of this, we cleaned the church, got food from a member, and then met another Sri Lankan at the church because he really wants to learn about the gospel as well.  Then after we got done talking with him, we went outside and talked to more people!!  I love being able to share the gospel with everything! It is absolutely wonderful being out as a missionary!

Sunday morning, we got up and went to the church and had a meeting --- church was phenomenal!!  After church, we were able to eat with the members and then we contacted some people in Miryang.  After that, we were supposed to meet the Sri Lankan that we were supposed to meet on Tuesday named Kumara.  Unfortunately he couldn't meet with us again, so we went outside -- it was very hot -- and talked to a bunch of people on the street, and went and knocked on people's doors. Luckily we finally found a great kid to talk to.   He was very happy to talk to us and we were super glad to talk to him too!! After that, we went and had a meal with our branch president and his family, and it was great! I absolutely love it here in Miryang!! It is wonderful being here!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!! Thank you for the birthday wishes and I spent the week great! I love and miss you a ton!!

Love Always,

Elder Wilson

Birthday Cake!!

New English Poster