Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 63: Going 3 transfers in Haeundae

So this week was a very eventful week. We learned that my companion, Elder Song is getting transferred to another area meaning that I am staying in Haeundae for the next 6 weeks at least and I get to spend Christmas here.  I will be getting an American companion named Elder Royce, and I will be meeting him later today!!  It is amazing to think that I am already in my 10th transfer as a missionary.. As a foreign missionary, we only have a total of 16 transfers, so the concept of time is really getting to me right now!  I love being here in Haeundae. It has started getting pretty cold lately. Every day seems to be around 37 degrees and chilly though it is nice so we can go outside and talk to other people.

Well to start off this week's message, I want to share a message about Christmas and give you guys a link to view. . Have you every thought about why we light our houses for Christmas, or light the tree for Christmas?  As I have been able to spend at least 1 Christmas in Korea as a missionary and I get to spend another one this year, I have really been thinking about Thanksgiving due to last week and Christmas based on the upcoming season. When I thought about lighting our houses, I thought of that Christ came into our lives to be our light and that he really is the light of the world. So, to represent him we hang up lights and celebrate his birth.  I love Christmas time because I feel like this is where the entire world comes together and gives their true 100% to celebrate something that is special to them. The only reason why there is a Christmas, is because of Christ's birth and as he lights up our life, let us yield his prompting and really become "the light of the world" (Matthew 5:14)

So this last week on Monday, we were planning on going to a Buddhist temple, but it looked cloudy so we went to the biggest department store in the world and went eye shopping.  After that, we emailed and went outside, talked to people and then went out for dinner with some members!

On Tuesday, we went to a service project, went outside and talked to people, and then I went to the mission home on exchanges. I was with the Assistants to the President; we were able to talk to some great people while Elder Song was in Haeundae.

On Wednesday, I was on Exchanges with Elder Haskell in Haeundae and we had a great time being outside and then went to English class.  At the end of the day, we were able to meet some great people!

On Thursday, just like last year.. I was in Yeongdo for Thanksgiving on Exchanges.  So, I got to go to the same house and the same church that I ate at a year ago for thanksgiving. On That day, we were able to go outside and talk to others and had a few appointments.  At one of the lessons, the person didn't come to meet us to discuss but to really speak his mind... It was great :) 
Then at the end of the day we went outside some more and talked to others.

On Friday,  I came back to Haeundae and cleaned our house. Then we went outside for the rest of the day and talked with others. Also that night, we had our thanksgiving feast in the Haeundae house.  So I made Chicken Pesto Pasta because we don't have turkey, and we had mashed potatoes, salad, stuffing and pumpkin bread!  Super great!

Then on Saturday, we went and played basketball with some members; that was awesome and we had a great time. Then, we came back to Haeundae and met with Brother Jang Daeyoon, and then we went outside and talked to others. After that, we went home and waited for a transfer call. Exactly at 9 o'clock, we got one and we were told that Elder Song would be going up to Daegu and I would be staying in Haeundae and it was kind of sad to be honest. I love Elder Song a bunch!!

On Sunday, we went to church and then visited Brother Bae. After which, we came back to the church and created plans for missionaries to transfer.  Then we went to our house. While Elder Song packed, I planned for the upcoming week!

I love being here in Haeundae!  It is sad to see Elder Song go, but I will see him soon and it is awesome that we were able to serve together!  I'm super thankful for all things and all that my Savior does for me and that God makes these companionships for reasons!  I love being here!

Love and miss you guys!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson 

Trying on some clothes at a store

Fun P-Day

Making Fish-shaped Bread 붕어빵 (Bungeoppang)

Our Thanksgiving Feast

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 62: 1 year mark in Korea

This week has been a very fast and amazing week!  We have been able to meet a lot of people, and Elder Song and I have been able to have a great week together! I love being here in Haeundai and we were able to meet with some great people this week on the street.  It has been kind of rainy this week and a little cloudy, but today it looks beautiful and we have some good plans for today.  This last week was my 1 year mark of being in Korea and I thought that was very
interesting and pretty stunning that I have been in Korea for this long, but it is such a great thing!  I really do love it here so much and love the members and all the people that we are able to meet with!

I really do love it here and as I thought about it I can’t believe
that this week is already Thanksgiving.  In thinking about what I am thankful for, I want to say that I am thankful for my family who always supports me and loves me no matter what, and I am thankful for my Savior’s atoning sacrifice and his abounding love for humankind.
Because of him, all of us can come nearer to Heavenly Father.  I am also thankful for our Loving Heavenly Father and all that He has given us.  I am also thankful for my friends.  Also, the thing that I am most thankful for is the plan that our Heavenly Father has made for all of us ---- the plan of Salvation, also known as the plan of "Happiness."  Because of this plan, I am able to live my family for eternity; I am able to follow Christ’s example; I have my sins cleansed and all my burdens lifted; and I am able to find eternal joy and happiness. In this season of Thanksgiving, please take the time to talk your parents, your friend, and please offer your Heavenly Father thanks for all He has given you. I know that if we do these things, the benefits that will come from this are insurmountable. I love this gospel and I know that only through following the gospel of Jesus Christ and living it, can all of our hopes be attained and that we may have happiness and life forever.

This past Monday, we went to the mission home to have an interview and then came back to Haeundai where we went bowling and it was a super fun time. Then because we only have one computer at the church, we came to the church and emailed and that was our P-day!  Then we went outside and talked to some people because we didn’t have any particular appointments.

On Tuesday, we had our house inspected, had a service project, went outside and talked to some people. Then we had an appointment with Brother Jang Daeyoon; that went really well.  After that, we ate dinner and then went outside again and talked to others about the gospel and the great joy it brings.

This last Wednesday was my 1 year mark in Korea, and that was a shocker; I didn’t notice it until 7 o'clock at night. So, Wednesday, we studied in the morning and then went to visit some people. However, they were either not home or they were fast asleep. So, we went outside and talked to others, and then had a meeting and English class, and then went outside again and talked to some other people.

On Thursday, we were kind of busy actually.  We studied in the morning, had to go interview someone in another area for them to get baptized, and then went to go do a group teaching activity with other missionaries; that turned out well! Afterwards, we went out to eat, and then came home.  On Thursday, we were really able to find some people; they were really ready to hear the gospel.

On Friday, we had to wake up early and go to the mission home for a meeting.  After the meeting, we came home and ate dinner and then for the last parts of the day, we went outside to talk with others.

On Saturday, we studied in the morning and then we planned for the upcoming week!  Then we went to the church and helped out with a young men’s activity.  It was a fun time filled with games and laughing and playing ping pong and just all around, a great time.  Then we met with Brother Jang Dae Yoon, and then went outside to talk with others for the rest of the day.

Sunday was filled with some great times! We were able to go to church and then went to see Elder Bae Yeongcheon, and then we had lunch. After lunch, we went outside and were able to talk with others outside. It was fantastic because while we were outside talking with others, we were able to find a lot of people that want to meet and want to talk to us about the gospel later!

I am thankful for my Savior, and I am thankful for all that he has done for me. I am thankful for Heavenly Father and the plan of Happiness he has provided us. I love you guys and I wish I could spend Thanksgiving with you at home, but the Lord’s work calls and just always know, that I am always home in Spirit no matter what. I love you guys, and my gratitude for you guys is indescribable!! 

Love Always,

Elder Joshua WIlson

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This is Our Week!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 61 Getting a little bit more quality

This week went by in a flash! Time seems to start speeding up or it is just that we actually have things to do that makes it seem like time speeds up, but.. Missionary work is amazing and I love every second being out here! Elder Song and I are doing well and we are having some great times together! The weather is definitely getting a little colder, but when it really hits winter… I’m not excited. Though, no matter what, it is amazing being here.

Today I wanted to share 2 Nephi 25:26 with you! 

It reads: "And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins."
I really love this verse of scripture. We really do talk about Christ and we rejoice in him and all we do is because of him and we do these things because we are all children of God!

So this week went by so quickly! This last Monday, Elder Song and I went to get my foreigner card renewed in the morning and then went to meet with some missionaries and have lunch! After having lunch together, we went to an art culture village and that was pretty exciting! Then we came back to Haeundai and came to the church where we emailed. Because our Wifi was still down, it took a little bit of time to email, but that is alright! After P-day, we went outside and
talked to others about the gospel and we were able to meet some incredible people on the street!!

On Tuesday, we studied in the morning and then went to our service activity! Our service activity is serving free lunch to the elderly, and it was fantastic.  Because this week was 삼계탕 week (Literally, full chicken broth soup), they had over 900 people show up, and it was a blast being able to talk with others and to serve them and to see their joyous faces. Afterwards, we went to go walking to our next appointment and were able to talk to many people on our way to it.
Then we were able to meet a new investigator named 김도영 (Kim Doyeoung) : he is super great! He likes reading the Book of Mormon and really wants to know if God is really there, and if He loves us. It was awesome! Then afterwards, we got to keep talking to other people outside and it was a great day!

On Wednesday, we studied in the morning and then went outside to meet with our friend, but he apparently slept in so we were unable to meet him!! But either way, we went home and ate lunch and were able to go on exchanges! So we went outside and talked to some people.  Unfortunately not many people wanted to talk to us or even accept our greetings, but it was super great to see a lot of people and the people that wanted to listen and to talk, they were great!! Then we came to the church and met with 장대윤 (Jang Daeyoon) and we were able to talk about the gospel, and it turned out really well. Then we got to have a meeting and had English class!! After English, we went outside and
talked to others and that was my Wednesday!

On Thursday, we finished our exchange in the morning and then went to meet our investigator 김지수(Kim Jisu) who slept in on us on Wednesday.
So we met with him and then ate lunch and then we came to the church and prepared for a pretty big meeting that we were going to have on Sunday. Then we went outside and talked to a whole bunch of people: we were able to find some great people that wanted to discuss and listen and come closer unto their Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

On Friday, we had a meeting in the morning and it was great to be able to see a bunch of missionaries and to run the meeting! Then after that we ate lunch and then I went on another exchange!! Our appointments all fell through, so… we went outside and talked to everyone the entire day and no one wanted to listen until the very last minute, where we were able to meet someone who is so wonderful and we were able to talk to him a bunch and he really wants to meet now too!!

On Saturday, we didn’t have soccer, so we studied in the morning and then changed back to original companionships. After that, we came back and contacted people for a little bit and then went outside.  Then we came back to the church and met with Brother Jang Daeyoon.  After we met him, we went outside some more and were able to have good conversations with others.

On Sunday, we went to church and we had a great time! I got to translate for more foreigners who came this week for church!! Then we were able to go to class and learn. Brother Jang Daeyoon seemed to have liked them.  After church, we had to go to Gupo 구포, to have a large meeting! So we went and we got to talk with our Mission President and the Busan Stake Presidency. After the meeting, we returned to Haeundai and did the sticker board with others so we could talk to others!!

I love you all and I miss you guys so much!! Korea is wonderful and time is flying by so quickly… Isn’t it almost thanksgiving?? I love turkey!!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

Bowling Time!!