Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 50: Keeping busy

This week was fantastic!!!  Enough Said... But anyway, yes, this week was fantastic.  The weather at the start of the week was... BLAZING HOT!!   I literally felt as if I were in an oven baking... It was sooo hot!!   But on Friday.... Wow... It was cold.. Like Autumn cold!! It would absolutely wonderful, but then the fear is... Here comes Winter.
Anyways, everything was pretty great this week and we are super happy that we are here and I love it here so much!!

So this week as I've thought about what I want to write about. I was brought back to an experience that I had just yesterday!  So we had a family who came from the States and the children are half Korean.  When they came to church, because the kids started learning Korean just last year, so I had to translate for them yesterday.  

The reason why I am sharing this is because of a scripture that comes to mind is in Doctrine & Covenants 90:11, it reads "For it shall come to pass in that day, that every man shall hear the fulness of the gospel in his own tongue, and in his own language, through those who are ordained unto this power, by the administration of the Comforter, shed forth upon them for the revelation of Jesus Christ." 
A basic interpretation of this is really that everyone will be able to hear the enriching Gospel of Jesus Christ and that they will be able to know for themselves if these things are true or not!  It is wonderful that we are able to do these things and to love others and give them the opportunity to come unto Christ!  No matter where we go, or what we do, the gospel of Jesus Christ available for all!  This is a wonderful work and I know this Church is true!!

So this week was wonderful!!  On Monday, we cleaned our house and emailed and got ready for the week and then we had our Family Home Evening at the Church where we played games with all who came and it was a great day!!

On Tuesay, we were able to go outside in the burning sunlight and to talk to people for a little bit after we had a meeting with the sister missionaries.  Then we were able to meet a new investigator named Kim Dongyeong, he wants to learn about the gospel and it seems like we will be able to keep meeting with him.  Then we were able to go outside
and talk to some more people.  We also went out to dinner with someone who both, Elder Kim and I didn't know, but it turned out that the person was an old friend of one of my companions' mom!  So we did that and then we met with Brother Kim Yongho and that was amazing!

Wednesday was our district meeting so we attended that, and then ate lunch and went outside and talked to people -- it was very warm that day for sure!  Then after a little bit, we had English class, and talked to Kim Yongho after the English class and which was great!  We were actually able to meet some really great people!! I super love being here in Gyeongsan, and just reaching out to others is great!

On Thursday, my companion's eye hurt, so we went to the doctor in the morning, and then went to our service project!! After the project, we came to the church and planned for a little bit, then went outside in the scorching sun and talked to a whole bunch of people!!  Many people wanted to talk to us today actually!!  Then we had Japanese class: it has been really good lately!

On Friday, we studied in the morning, ate lunch, planned for this week, and then went outside -- it was kind of raining
and super cool!!  So it was great!! Then after going out and talking to an innumerable amount of people, we went and helped move a whole lot of furniture for the stake president and branch president.  Then we ate dinner and that was our day.

On Saturday, we had English class, cleaned the church and 
went and met with someone who said he wanted to meet us
and talk with us.  So, we went pretty far away and met him. All he really wanted to do was talk about how his church was right and ours was wrong.  We said to him that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it turned out okay! Then we came back and had a dinner appointment and met with some other people and that was the rest of our Saturday.

On Sunday, we did all our studied, went to the church, and had church meetings.  I ended up translating at the church and playing the piano. It was a joy really!!  Also... Brother Kim Yongho receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and that was wonderful as well!! Then we had a meeting and then met with Brother Kim.  After that we went outside to talk to other people.  Then we came back home at night and ate dinner, and that was my week!!

I love you all and I miss you so much! Being here is wonderful and there really aren't any other words to describe it, but it is great here!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

Meeting with Sister Missionaries

Bowling as Usual!

Thursday, August 25, 2016


This week has been WONDERFUL!! I don't really have any other words to describe it really.  It was great and I absolutely loved it!  I love the people that I get to meet and I love this area with a passion.  As a missionary, we get to go many places, but the people we meet are amazing and I love being able to be here and be with these marvelous individuals! 
This week was also a little bit busy, but regardless, it was amazing and we were able to do so much! My companion and I had a great time, and missionary work is splendid and joyous, incredible!

This week I wanted to share a scripture from the Book of Mormon, in Alma 42. It reads "And now, the plan of mercy could not be brought about except an atonement should be made; therefore God himself atoneth for the sins of the world, to bring about the plan of mercy, to appease the demands of justice, that God might be a perfect, just God, and a merciful God also."  
To simply summarize this part, the plan
of mercy is that we are able to return to our Father in Heaven and to be like him -- perfect -- through coming to this earth to receive a body... But not only receiving a body, but also making choices to come unto Christ, to become like him, and to follow his gospel.  And by doing these things can we truly be made whole.  Only through the atonement of Jesus Christ,
can we draw closer to God and as we become cleaner and trust him, we will be able to return to our Heavenly Father again!!

So this week was actually decently busy, but for so many great reasons!!  

So last Monday, we went shopping in the morning, came to the church, ate lunch, and then finally we came to church again and emailed at the church.  Because one of our computers is broken, we had to share the computer, so email time took longer than usual. Then after that we had a birthday part for Family Home Evening and we ate cake
and played Charades.

On Tuesday, we studied in the morning, had a meeting with the sisters and then we went outside and talked to soo many people, and that was okay!  I love talking with other people and although it was burning hot, it was wonderful and we were able to meet some really great people!! Then after we came to the church and we got to teachour investigator Kim Yong Ho.

On Wednesday, we studied in the morning, went outside again, talked to a whole bunch of people, came to the church and met with one of the members who was preparing a talk for church.  He didn't know what to do so we helped him out.  After which, we had our English class and talked with our investigator Kim Yong Ho again! He super loves just being at the church and meeting with us!

Thursday was our service project day, so we got to go clean dishes. Then we went outside and talked to a bunch of people.  It was really hot and there weren't any people outside really, but we were able to talk to a few people which was fantastic!  Then we came to the church and waited for Brother Kim Yong Ho while he was getting interviewed to be baptized there.   He finished the interview, and everything went great with him.  Then we talked to him, and then we went outside, talked to some people and then finally went out to go eat with some other members and that was our Thursday!  Also from Thursday --- that meant this day, that we had to start planning Brother Kim Yong Ho's baptismal service.  That was a totally great experience!!

Friday, we had our zone meeting and that was really good and I got to lead a discussion, and it was really fun and good! Then my companion and I came back to our area, and came to the church because we needed to prepare for Brother Kim Yong Ho's baptism.  We started preparing and needed to come up with a special musical number.  So, we started arranging a piano-violin duet which sounds super good!! 
After that we went outside, and talked and shared the gospel to others.   Then we came back and met with Brother Kim Yong Ho and then that was our day!

On Saturday, as usual, we studied in the morning, had a meeting and went outside for a little bit to go find some people, then came back and did Englsih Class. After English class, we prepared the special musical number for the baptism for a little more, then went outside and talked to others.  We came back to the church, met Brother Kim Yong Ho, explained and talked him about baptism.  Then, we went outside, bought the things we needed for his baptismal
service and that was our day!

On Sunday, we went to the church and had the church meetings, and right after church, we went over to a place called Suseong to have the baptismal service because our church in Gyeongsan doesn't have a baptismal font.
Unfortunately when we went and check the baptismal font, the water wasn't all the way full.  We needed to prepare a bunch of things. So, we were preparing everything and getting water from everywhere we could so that we could fill the baptismal font.  Then we had a great baptismal service. Yes, Borther Kim Yong Ho got baptized!!!   He smiled so much, and was so happy that he could get baptized!! It was soo great!! He Got Baptized!!!  :) 

Then we went to a house, had dinner all together and then came back to Gyeongsan, and that was our day and week!!

It was another great week, and I truy love being here!! I really do know that those who come unto Christ with a willing heart and that want to know the fulness of the Gospel, that all will want to follow Christ's example and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority of God. I know that this gospel is true and that missionary work only helps others come closer unto Christ and really is God's work!

I love you all and I miss you so much!!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

Brother Kim Yong Ho's Baptism Day!


Being a Missionary is Great!!

Post Baptism Dinner

Week 48: Meeting with investigators who really want to learn!

This week has been full of miracles, and I am so glad to be serving here in Gyeongsan!!  Given, somedays it is really hot, but I love it even when it is hot!  I actually heard from some people on the street while we were trying to talk to them that Gyeongsan hit 40.5 degrees C, which is about 105 degrees Fahrenheit!  It was a blast this week for sure! 
We have been able to meet with so many great people, and were also able to have our Zone conference with President Barrow and his wife, and that was wonderful!  This week was also super busy, but I am doing well here in Gyeongsan and 
feeling super healthy!

So, this week, for my message I actually want to share an experience that I had this week on the street as I was talking to a man about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing the joy that I have received from it. 

So, all of this is real and happen just last night on the street, and remember all of this is Korean. So I say "Hello" to a
man passing by me and ask "Where are you going?"  He politely answered that he was going to his house.  We asked him if he had had dinner yet and he said, "no, not yet."  So, we kept talking while we were walking together.  I introduced the fact that we are Missionaries and are here to help
people obtain happiness by coming closer unto Christ and learning about his restored gospel.  This man replied and said, "where do you
find happiness?"   My response was that I have found it by going to church and living with my family.  Then he immediately said somethink like that how families just bring stress and really aren't needed at all. Though, we were able to have a nice conversation actually which was good. But at that point, I was all in and I laid everything down about how really, because I was raised in a loving household, I am who I am. That through learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ and choosing to come unto him, that I can live with my
family for eternity and many other things as well.  The moral of why I am sharing this is because in missionary work, everything is on the line here. It is like playing sports and it is Game 7 and you need to win, there is no lose and go home, but there is only victory. But that victory is only based on how much you want it for others, not for yourself... but for others!! Because I love my family, I am not only willing, but am compelled to share this message with all people
regardless of if they accept of not. They are a variety of reasons why the Gospel of Jesus Christ not only blesses families, but also it is the key to living happily and although this might sound fairytale-ish, literally we can live happily ever after.  As we come unto Christ and put down everything, there is nothing left but victory.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that families can be together forever.  I know that because Jesus Christ died for all people, I can live with
them forever, and that this is a very large reason why I am serving a mission right now. There is life after death and there is a key to happiness.  I plead with you that you search these things out for yourself.  And I know that as is stated in the Book of Mormon that after you have searched, "...And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost. And
by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things."  This is the promise that a prophet of God has given to us that if we ask of anything with the intent to follow the answer given by God, he will not only answer us, but we will know these things to be true!

So onto my week, so last week on Monday, we didn't have a lot of time because out computer at the church was broken (or at least one of them) so we basically took turns at the church emailing, and then went outside, shopped and had our family home evening where we did
some stretching exercises and.... Flexibility is something that I am going to be working on from now on...

On Tuesday, we studied in the morning, had our area meeting with the sister team, and then we had a member call and say he wanted to meet to learn about the church even more, so we met with him and talked.  Then, we met our college student investigator and he is doing well!  Then we went outside to go talk to other people, but really
no one would really talk to us. Well, that is perfectly fine!!

Then on Wednesday, we studied in the morning, changed
companions, and so I stayed in Gyeongsan with Elder Martin who came from Daegu and served with him for all of Wednesday!  So we were on the exchanges and got to meet a whole bunch of people on the street -- it was hot on Tuesday, and it was hot on Wednesday again!  After a while we had English class, met with 2 investigators and the 2 of
them are going to be baptized in the upcoming 2 weeks!! So, one this week and the other the week after this one!!

On Thursday, we had our Zone conference with President Barrow and that was wonderful!  So we did that and learned a lot and had a good time.  Then we went on Exchanges with the Assistants to the President, and that was super good and we were able to meet a lot of people!!  Unfortunately they couldn't do so for long, so they left, and then we met with Kim
Yongho and he is great! He is actually the one getting baptized this Sunday!! He is still working on the word of Wisdom and quiting drinking, but it is alright, because he really wants to quit and he knows he can. He used to smoke and then said he would give it up, and so he just did.... 

When we asked him to stop drinking, he told us that he has known he needs to stop.  So, he said he will stop drinking, and he has't drank since!

Then on Friday, we studied, planned, went outside and
talked to a bunch of people and then we had our Japanese class which was great!   Then, we talked to Kim Yong Ho after Japanese class.  He is really wonderful! He also has the desire to baptize his family in a few months as well!! He wants to bring them into the church!!

Then on Saturday, we had a miracle day!! (Maybe because it was my dad's birthday).   Anyway, we studied in the mroning, went outside, talked to people and then came to our English class.  Brother Kang Myeongsoo who is going to get baptized in two weeks didn't show up on time.  He came in late and said that he tried his best to come early, but his bus broke down!! Still, he came and we talked to him. He asked us
if he could get baptized on the 27th 
of August -- it was wonderful!!!
After that, we went outside and talked to more people and then we came back and met with Kim Yongho and went out to dinner with him!

On Sunday, we studied in the morning, went outside, and
came to church, where we had the regular church meetings. Kim Yong Ho also came to church, and he was very excited for his baptism this next week!!  
We had a few meeting, and then talked to him, and then went outside for the rest of
the day until we had to come back in and have dinner and that was our week!!

It was wonderful and I really do love it here!  Missionary work is fantastic, and I think the reason why it is amazing is not only because it is the Lord's work, but also because as my Dad says "If you are going to do something, do it completely and do it right" And that is what is going on and we are seeing so many miracles come from it!

I love you all!!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua wilson

Kim Yong Ho is getting baptized!!!


Daegu Zone Conference

with Elder Stradling

Week 47: A little bit of office work and teaching

This week felt really long but really short at the same time. And as my "long" day, I don't mean it in a bad way at all!  It felt like we had all this time and then it would all go somewhere... So... There just isn't enough time at all.  But it is wonderful being here out in Korea and really getting to know others and knowing their needs to help them come closer unto Christ and partake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Through this time of being in Korea, I have been able to develop an even firmer testimony of Jesus Christ and about how much he loves me and that there really is no better thing to be doing right now than missionary work!  I really know that because I have been given much, I too must give, and missionary work is wonderful and so joyous and makes me and all other missionaries so happy.  The joy it brings not only to us, but to so many others is so indescribable, but I love it here!  The weather lately has been really warm, but we are doing great!

So this week I have really concentrated on Christ and his life. But in particular, one thing I was reading was about the pure love of Christ, and I would like to share it with you today.  So, it is Moroni 7:45~47, and it reads " And charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.  (46) Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not charity, ye are nothing, for charity never faileth. Wherefore, cleave unto charity, which is the greatest of all, for all things must fail—  (47) But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the
last day,it shall be well with him." 

I was pondering over these verses and was called to think deeply on how this apply to me and what I personally must do to be like him.  Love is so powerful and as we love others as Jesus loved us and how our Heavenly Father loves us, we all progress further and further and come so much closer unto him.  As we come closer unto him, we feel the deeper love, and because charity never faileth, we all can feel his love and by keeping his commandments and by being baptized can we feel it more clearly!

So this week, as I said, was a little long, but super good and here is why!!  So last week we went bowling and it started raining super hard while we were riding a bus to go over to the bowling alley --- the forecast said no rain, but it rained.. A lot!!  So we ran into the bowling alley and bowled, and then went shopping, came back to the church, finished emailing and then did family home evening, which was super fun!!  We played a few games and then we ate snacks and that was our Monday!

On Tuesday, we studied in the morning, and then came to the church:  as a district leader, I needed to call all the missionaries in my district to do somethings for the stake presidency.  So we did that. It was basically interviewing on the phone about their areas, and that was amazing!!  Then after we went outside, talked to people and also because people weren't always available, we had to go back and forth in between the church and the outside several times -- it took a bit! But that was our Tuesday, and we were able to talk to a few people and that was really good!

Wednesday, we had district meeting and Sister Dustin, our sister missionary had her birthday. So, we bought her a cake and after the meeting we celebrated her birthday and ate cake !! Then after that, we ate lunch, talked to the zone leaders for a little bit, and went outside for a little bit!  After that we came back into the church and had our area meeting with the sisters. Then we set up for English class and had a good English class. We were able to teach 2 of our 3
investigators who have baptismal dates and they are doing really well and are really set to get baptized! Their names are 김용호(Kim Yong Ho) and 강명수 (Kang Myeong Soo)!!

On Thursday, we studied in the morning, went to our service project -- that was super fun, and then after that we went outside and talked to people -- that was really good. Then we got to go pick up a package, and we were able to teach others which was amazing!  Later in the evening we met with Kim Yong Ho, and had a lesson: he is really excited about getting baptized for sure!! He is progressing super well and is very excited to introduce his family to the gospel too!!

On Friday, we studied and then went out to eat with a member.  Then we came back to our house, planned for a little bit, went outside, talked to people and then came back to the church and did our Japanese class -- it was good for the most part!

Saturday was super good because we were able to study in the morning, and came to the church. The branch was having a branch lunch, and so we went and ate at that and talked to the members, and it was great!! Then we got ready for English class.  We had English class, and then met with Kang Myeong Soo and talked about the Word of Wisdom. He is going to try quitting smoking and drinking coffee. It was super good!  After that we had a meeting with some members and then ate dinner with them.  Then, we met Kim Yong Ho and talked about the Word of Wisdom too.  He is willing to quit drinking and smoking to get baptized.  So, he will try his best for sure!!

On Sunday, we studied in the morning, went to Church, and had brother Kang Myeong Soo and Kim Yong Ho come. They were super happy to be there.  Then we had someone come to the church before church ended saying that they wanted to talk to us.  They said that they were from another ward, but it turned out they weren't.  They just kind of wanted to argue, so we talked with them and we bore testimony to them.  Unfortunately they really didn't have the heart to listen to us at all, but they wanted to just argue a lot.. So oh well.. 

I hope one day they will really want to learn for themselves the joy that comes from Jesus Christ and his gospel but for now, it is alright. Then after that, we met with Kim Yong Ho and he was super happy.  We taught him, went outside for a little bit and then came home and ate dinner.

So that was essentially my week and it was super good to be able to do all that was able to be done! I love you all.

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

Celebrating Sister Dustin's Birthday
District Meeting

At Bowling activity with members

Missionaries can catch bugs?!

Special Item from Home

Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 46

Wow... Time really goes faster and faster as you go along... It is so weird to think that I've been on a mission this long and it really does feel like it has gone by in a flash. Life goes by in a flash too. So, make the most of it! This week has been a wild ride of trying to get everything done, meeting with people and talking to everyone. Along side of that, balancing time has really been key this week, and how we can use our time more effectively has been something that I have really learned this week. Spending time effectively is a huge trait and it is amazing when we really do use time well!!

So this week I wanted to share a message about baptism!! Baptism is a truly great thing. Jesus Christ who was perfect was also baptized. He showed us the way to be able to return to our Heavenly Father again and to become perfect like him. It is very simple, and the way that he set is the way we can do all things. I know that my Redeemer lives and that as we draw nearer to Jesus Christ and to our Heavenly Father, we will feel their love and know that when we know that the church is true, that we are baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority of God.

So this week was a great week.  Although today I don't have a lot of time, I will try to describe it as best as I can! So this Monday, I woke up and sent Elder Lee to Busan as I met with my new companion Elder Kim. Elder Kim and I went to the house, came to the church, emailed, went outside and shopped and then came back to the church for family home evening.

On Tuesday, we went outside to talk to people. It was blazing hot, but we were able to meet with some less actives and able to talk to other people on the street! Then for dinner, some members took us out to eat and we had a good time talking with them and strengthening their faith!

On Wednesday, we went outside and we were able to teach some people for a little bit, and then had an appointment to meet a kid who wanted to learn basketball. So we played basketball in the 37°C (98.6°F) weather -- it felt amazing, or more as if I was melting. Then we came back to the house, showered, went outside to talk to people, and had English Class. After English class, we were able to meet with a
person looking into our church and he was super happy to meet with us!

On Thursday, we woke up early and went down to Busan for a meeting for District Leaders.  I attended that and there were so many great people there including Elder Lunt, he was at the MTC with me and came to Korea with me!! Then we came back, went outside and talked to people and that was our day!

On Friday, we had a district meeting, had lunch and then
afterwards, I went on Exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was still in Gyeongsan and it was hot, but super good! Then we had our Japanese class, and that was great.  Then we went home, and talked to the elder who I have known since first coming to Korea.

Saturday was super fun! So we studied, ate lunch with a member and then we had English class.  After English, we were able to teach an investigator. Then we had a meeting with a member, and were able to meet with another investigator, who said he will be baptized and he really wants to receive it!!

Then on Sunday, we had church.  After church, we taught a lesson, went home for a bit, then came back to the church
because we had to make some phone calls.  Then, we went to the Stake President's house for dinner and we really did have a
tremendous time!

I love it here so much and I wish I could share it all with you!

Love you guys!!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

With Elder Lunt