Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 36... Miryang Festival!!

This week has been pretty warm actually that we have finally decided to start wearing short sleeve shirts every day, but even with that, it is pretty hot overall.  Yet, this week was a great week for sure as all my weeks seem to be.  I love being here in Korea, and everyday is really an adventure.  Being in Miryang for about 4 months has been wonderful, and it really just is phenomenal.  Miryang every year has a huge festival that is one of Korea's biggest festivals.  So we were actually talking to a ton of people, and some K-Pop stars came in with a huge limo and a bus.  It was pretty insane.  But anyways... This week has been a fantastic, fun time!

This week I really want to focus on the spirit of the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost is such a wondrous thing.  The Spirit confirms the truth that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that our Heavenly Father really does live.  As we invite others to come closer unto Christ, it is always their choice, whether to accept it or not. Everything is always a choice, but when you have studying and prayed with real intent to know if our Heavenly Father lives and that Jesus is the Christ, I know for a fact that you will know for a fact, that these things are true.  Only through the power of the Holy Ghost can this be felt and learned, and one thing I encourage for you to do is to really seek to know if these things are true, and ask Heavenly Father and He will let you know that He lives and loves you.

So on to what I did this week…. On Monday, we simply rode bikes to the church and went out to eat with someone named Uncle Lee and his boss.  We talked to them over lunch, and they have a lot of interest in English and love the missionaries and have known them for a long time.  Hence the reason we call Uncle Lee, “Uncle Lee.”   Anyway, we had lunch with him, and then came back to the church and emailed for a little bit and then went outside to go buy my companion some new shoes.  We went looking around for some inexpensive shoes that would fit him.  Luckily we found some for him and it was great! Afterwards, we went and had dinner and went shopping for a little bit.  Then later we came back to the church after talking with some people on the street and did our family home evening!  We had a few people attend but it was a great time! Then we went home and that was our day on Monday!

On Tuesday, we studied in the morning and then went to the church on our bikes and did our area meeting.  After doing so, we went outside and talked to a whole bunch of people.  Then as we were on our way to the Prison to go meet our friend You Ir, my companion said that he left his ID card at home.  So, we went to go get it, but by the time we got home, it was too late to visit You Ir.  So, we were unable to visit him on Tuesday, but that was alright.  Then we went outside and talked to a whole bunch of people, and then we had English class!!

On Wednesday, we actually had the zone conference in Busan.  So we had to get up early and go down to Busan, where we hiked -- while hiking, we took a bunch of pictures.   We learned a bunch during the conference.  Then we got home at around 7 pm, and then visited our North Korean friend who is obsessed with his new motorcycle.  I love him a bunch.  haha! :)

Thursday was a very very warm day.  
In the morning we went running outside as we usually do now, and then we studied in the morning.  During lunch time I made some muffins for some members that we would be meeting that day.  Then after which we planned for about 2 hours and then took our bikes to You Ir and taught him.  Then we went outside and tried to talk to people, but there was a very few people outside.   Unfortunately the people that were outside didn't want to talk to us at all.  It was alright though because we had a great time trying and also Miryangs' huge festival started on Thursday as well.  Later at the night, we visited a member and dropped off some muffins and shared a message.  Then finally at the end of the day found some people that wanted to talk and so it was a great day.

On Friday we went outside and got a call from one of our members.  So we went over to their house and served them for a little bit, and then went off to our service activity with Lee Hungbong.  We cleaned the stables with him and then went home and quickly got changed and then went over to the festival with the sister missionaries to go sticker boarding!   We took a sticker board and asked people to put stickers on them.   Because there were a lot of people going and coming from the festival, it was great!!

Then on Saturday, we had an interview with a member, and then we came to the church and taught English class and made some great relationships.  Then we cleaned the church for a little bit, and after which we went outside and talked to some people and knocked on some doors and got someone who wants to learn English from us!!   Then we took the sticker board again and went outside and talked to people near the festival.  There were so many people and that was the day where we saw the K-Pop stars.  Anyway, it was a great day.

On Sunday, we had church in the morning, and I got to teach the teenagers which was fun and then we all ate lunch together.  After that, when we were talking to one of the sisters’ investigators, she asked me to baptize her: It was very cool actually and I'm super glad that I will get to perform the ordinance.  We called some older records and then met with our Sri Lankan investigator named Kumara!  He is so happy and wants to learn so much more about the gospel!  Afterwards, we went outside and talked to more people and went knocking on more doors.  To our surprise, one of our former investigators was in the house and let us in, and we had a great lesson.  Then we talked to more people and that was my week actually. 

It was super amazing and full of amazing people and experiences!  I love this work so much and am so thankful to be serving here in Korean!! 

I love you all so much and it is so weird how time flies because.. I guess my birthday is this Wednesday???   What!?!?  May 25th is right around the corner! 

Anyways I love you all and have a great week :)

Love Always,

Elder Wilson

Zone Conference Day 1
Changwon Hiking - Zone Conference

Elder Wilson Teaching a Lesson
To 表忠寺 / 표충사 Buddhist Temple

In front of 表忠寺 / 표충사 Gate

Just Walking Around

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

So week... 35 because of the skip of Mothers day?

HELLO!!! This week has been a blast in so many great ---Unusual --- “One of a Kind” type of days... And I am soo happy to be here in Miryang as usual!!  Miryang is lovely, and there is going to be a huge festival this week, which I am super excited about!  Missionary work is amazing and I love each and everyone that I am able to meet everyday, and it really is wonderful to be out here in Korea!

So, this week I would like to share a scripture for 3 Nephi 18:16.  It reads "And as I have prayed among you even so shall ye pray in my church, among my people who do repent and are baptized in my name. Behold I am the light; I have set an example for you".  In this chapter, Christ is not only re-establishing his church, but is also saying the phrase "Come Follow Me".  "Come, Follow me" is such a simple phrase, and as we really do seek to follow Christ, we can obtain everlasting happiness, but only through him and the way that has been shown unto us.  The work is never done, but as we change for the better and follow him, we are able to become more as he is, to find this perfect happiness and feel the love our Heavenly Father has for us always. 

So, on to the week --- This week as I said has been a very interesting, and fun week for sure!!  So last Monday, because it was Mother's day in the United States, we were able to Skype our families and it was beyond wonderful!  I love my family so much and am always so happy to be able to talk to them!  It was super cute seeing my new nephew and to see my Niece Ellie!!  But not only that, to be able to see my Mom and Dad and my brothers and sister was absolutely amazing!!  O really love them a bunch!!  Then after which we emailed for a little bit and then went out on a bike ride with the sister missionaries.  Then after we went and got ice cream with them and then we went shopping and then cut out hair!  It was amazing.  Then after which we had our Family Home Evening where --- A miracle happened:  A man called us and asked for an Elder Wilson.  So I responded and he said that he found my long lost Camera!!  I was sooo happy!!  So we planned to go get it from him on Tuesday!! And that was Monday!

 On Tuesday, we studied in the morning and then we ate lunch and after we ate lunch and went outside.  When outside, we were walking, and an old man said “Hello!!  I love you” to me.  So, we sat down with him and told him we were missionaries.  Then this old man took my nametag and put it in his pocket!!  My companion and I had to catch a bus, so he just kind of took it..  Fortunately I had an extra one.... Then, we went over to the University campus where this man was and we talked to some people and planned a little bit, and got my Camera back!  Also, on Tuesday, it was raining and was freezing cold, but that was alright.  So what happened was that we went outside and went to knock on doors and that went super well.  Then after which we went and talked to YOU IR!!  He is doing well, and by that time it had stopped raining!!  So we went back and went and knocked on more doors because there was literally no one outside.  Then we came to the church and had our Area meeting!  After area meeting, we were going to have English class, but no one showed up so we went outside and talked to more people and that was our day!

Then on Wednesday, my companion was supposed to have military training for the Entire day so we went down to Pusan and we get there and he isn't supposed to even be there... So we go back and then ate lunch and after lunch we went outside.  We went outside and were knocking on more doors because there were no people, and one building had an elevator so we took the elevator to the top floor and there was a door wide open and a older lady told us to come in.  So, we went in and talked to her and her family for a little bit and they fed us a feast, basically right after we had eaten an entire meal... So we ate all they provided because if we didn't, they said they would bring out more food for some reason... So we were stuffed.   Then we went back outside and talked to some people.   When we were walking, some guy stopped us and said preach to him, so we started to just talk to him and it turned out that he had met the missionaries before.. Super insane... And he has actually sent us pictures to our phone and it was a very funny story. Then we kept talking to people and then had another meal with a member and we weren't hungry, but we ate all of what was provided because if you don't, it is rude.  So it was great!  And I loved it and all of it was amazing!! 

On Thursday we got up early and went to our Zone training meeting where I got to see a bunch of people and we were able to do so many great things!  Then after which we went on exchanges and me and my companion for a day, were able to go outside and share the gospel to so many people and got to go see our North Korean Grandpa who is awesome.  We were super busy the entire day and it was fantastic!~

Then on Friday, we studied in the morning and then went and de-exchanged.  Then after which we went and tried to contact the old man who stole my nametag so that we could talk with him, but he wasn't in town, so we went home and talked to some people outside until we went out to eat with our great member who owns the Horse stable.  Then we served with him and returned home.  At home, we got changed and were going to plan, but then went outside and were talking to a bunch of people.  Then a member saw us and took us out to buffet!!  We were stuffed from our late lunch, but we ate so much and.. I see why I am gaining weight here...

Then on Saturday, we went down to Changwon for a sports day with all the members in our stake and met an investigator down there.  So we did a whole bunch of things and it was super fun.  Then we returned home and did our English class and then we cleaned up the church. All our appointments that day canceled on us, but with that we went outside and talked to a bunch of people --- we found an amazing kind and we will probably be meeting soon!

Finally on Sunday, we had church and church was amazing.  We had lunch and then we had our ward council.  After ward council, we went outside and were talking to some people, when the sisters called us and said that someone that I knew had come to the church to meet with us. So a guy that I met 2 months back came to church, and we were talking to him and he started preaching to us about things ..  We actually had no idea what he was talking about.. I thought my Korean at that point was insufficient, but then my companion looks at me and said, “I'm Korean and I didn't understand anything that was said.”  After that, we just went outside and talked to a whole bunch of people and knocked on doors and that was really my week.

Missionary work is amazing and I am so happy to be able to be here doing this marvelous work, and I love you all!  I miss you guys so much and thanks for everything and have a great week!! :)

Love Always,

Elder Wilson

Got the Camera Back!!!

My Korean Companion 
When I first got the camera back---

Companionship Goal... JK

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 33 Transfers.. But I stay!! WOOO

So this week was super insane being the last week of the Transfer, and also from the title... I stayed in Miryang, and I'm actually writing this on a Tuesday because Transfers were very interesting...  But anyways, this past week was amazing and I loved it!  The weather was super good and I'm super happy about everything that came about this past week!  Korean is coming along well and I'm learning a whole bunch, and I love it here in Miryang even though some people don't based on it being a very small city. But I love it here and it is getting super warm so I am very happy!! 

So this week I have been able to see so many miracles here in Korea and it has really been humbling to see how much the Lord works with me and with others. It is amazing to see that he loves us so much that no matter where we are, or what we need, he will answer whether it is big or small. Unfortunately, because of this promised truth, we seem to believe that it will always come immediately, which typically isn't always the case. But I know that he answers and he lives and the reason I know these things are because I have seen and experienced so many things that I know he is there. But most importantly, he has told me that he is there and he loves me. The video that I am sharing today is called "Pattern of Light".  It is from Elder Bednar of how we are able to figure out the things God wants for us and not always does everything come instantly... But I know it will come and here is the link I want to share and I know that my redeemer lives and loves all of us and that as we ask and we look for the light, we will always be able to find it.

So on to the week.. On Monday we got to study and clean up in the morning and after that we had to go pick up some tennis rackets so that we could play some tennis in the afternoon. So we went and talked to on of our English class attendees and he gave us the rackets and took us out for lunch. Then after which we took the rackets and came to the church for a little bit, emailed for a bit and then went out and played tennis with the sister missionary's investigator and it was super fun! Then after which we came back to the church and emailed more and then we came to the church, prepared for family home evening and then did our final family home evening and then we went home.

On Tuesday we studied in the morning and then we came to the church for our Area meeting. After our area meeting, Elder Quiroz and I went outside and talked to people and went to go eat lunch and then we had to go to the prison to go meet another man that we teach. You Ir is doing amazing and is always happy, but when you only have 15 minutes to talk with him, it is hard to say bunch, but it was amazing! Then after which we came to the church and then we met with Tony and we cleaned the church because he wanted to clean it! So we cleaned the church and talked to him for a bit and then we gave our English class attendee his rackets back.  Then after which we did English class, which went well and we went home!

On Wednesday we went over to Dogye to do our District meeting and we all ate together and after which Elder Quiroz and I went on an exchange. I went to a place called Masan and that was awesome! I got to be with my really good friend Elder Oh OuiChan and we had a great time!  We talked to so many people even though it was raining and then we met an investigator of the Elders and that went super well and he wants to meet regularly now!! Then after which we went outside and had a very quick dinner and then we talked to more people outside, visited a member and then at the end of the day, we had a meeting with all the missionaries in the Masan area. It was very fun. Then after that we went home and we had  a fun time just playing around and talking in the house.

On Thursday, we studied in the morning and at lunch and then went outside and got to share the gospel with more people and then we went to Masan Station to de-exchange. So we did so and then Elder Quiroz and I came back to Miryang where we came home and went outside and tried to talk to people, but there was no one really outside, so we only talked a few people and then because we were going to have transfer calls we deep cleaned our house for a little bit.

On Friday we studied in the morning and then went outside and talked to more people and then after which we went to do our service activity with our member and he treated us to some great noodles... Unfortunately, Elder Quiroz can't do hot stuff so the member felt bad, so we went another place to eat too and I was literally about to explode, but it was fun and then we went and cleaned up the horse stable where we finished super late. Then we went home and we had no time to plan for the next week so we just planned of the next day and got done what we needed to get done. 

Then on Saturday we studied in the morning and then went outside and bought a bunch of food and then after which we had our English class and hiking, picnic meeting and so we took some cars up and went to a place called Manosa and it was awesome! We went like Extreme rock walking?? Or something and it was summer great and we loved it. Then we came back to town and everyone departed and then we cleaned and went outside and talked to more people which was great!! Then that night.. We for a call and... It didn't come.. So we were like okay 3 Transfers!!! WOOO!!

And Sunday... So on Sunday morning we got a call from my new companion saying that we are going to be serving together.  I was like “3 person companionship?!”  Then we got everything figured out… Elder Quiroz was leaving.  So Sunday was a great time! On Sunday we had a bunch of people show up to church and we got to share our testimonies and everything went super well.  We had a lot of people that wanted to learn the gospel come too, so we taught and they liked it and everything went super well.   After which, we went home and Elder Quiroz got packed up and then we went to go meet a whole bunch of members at their houses and everything was great!! I love it a bunch! I love you all and "I will tell you about transfers next week! :) Love you!!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson