Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 19: So Cold....

In Busan, it doesn't really snow, and it doesn't rain in the winter... It is just cold, and being on an island makes it even colder with a whole lot of wind..  It has been freezing this week for sure.  I love it here nonetheless.  
We spent a lot of time outside this week finding people to meet with.  This week has been wonderful even though it is cold! I love it so much!!

So this week's message is a simple one, and it is about “parenthood” and “service.”  Service is a very general word.  We are able to "serve" others in many ways, but what exactly is service??  Are we doing service to be recognized?  Are we doing service because we got told to?  No!
Service is done because of love.  Because when we genuinely love someone, we want to help them be great, and to help them be the best person they can be.  I'm not a parent; I'm a mere 18-year-old boy here in Korea trying to help others be happier.  In all honesty though, I believe parenthood is not only love, but also service.  You want your child to be great, you want them to have all the great things you had and more, you work so hard so they can live a better life than you did and you hope they have the greatest times.  So... How does my Heavenly Father feel?  He has given us a way that we can be as great as Him…. But, how is that??  It is through the atoning sacrifice of my Savior, my Redeemer, Jesus Christ.   All we need to do is to use the atonement, and we can be like our Father in Heaven. That is all for my message.

This week has been super cold as I said.  There seems to be a difference in being wet, or being humid and cold and having the wind slice your skin. My companion and I were talking to each other and were kind of joking around and were like “you know, where these winds come from... Siberia...”  No joke though, it has been super cold and windy.

So last Monday, we hung out with our members for P-day.  Unfortunately, our beloved Tharindu couldn't come to meet with us, so we went outside and talked to some people.  At night it was actually pretty cold.

Tuesday was..... FREEZING!!!   So, we studied in the Morning and then we went up to our service activity at the special English class!! It was so fun and we had so many new faces. We played the “Hang man” game.  They guessed letters and they always picked the same letters and after they run out.  So, they are like “what to do???”  So, we helped them out and when they figured the word out, they were so happy!!  :) 
Then after that we went to our house and got a bunch of Book of Mormon's and walked outside.  We walked around the Island for 5 hours and it was freezing. By the time you know it, I couldn't feel; my face and my toes just felt numb!!
It was awesome though.  :)  I love being outside and helping others!!  I was so glad I got to talk to people too!! 

Also a super crazy experience, while we were walking and it was freezing cold, we just saw an old grandma on the side of the road crying.   We asked her if she was alright, but she started crying on my companion and was talking about her family.  Then I tried to help her and she was like “I'm so glad my sons came to help me..”   She had a pungent liquor odor and she was so drunk.  So we took her back to her house slowly and she was just like “my sons!” and trying to touch our faces and crying..  But, she was happy and we got her home safely although she probably had no clue where she was.  Luckily that the people that live by her recognized it was she, and so, her was able to return her home. 

Wednesday wasn't too cold, but we studied in the morning and then all day we went outside and tried to talk to people. Our investigator cancelled on us, so we went outside and talked to people, called others and tried to make appointments. Although people weren't picking, up we talked to a pretty good amount of people.

Thursday we had a broadcast that we attended at headquarters for the mission.  But, we were first misinformed to go elsewhere that we showed up to another building and no one was there.  We called and they were like “oh... Yea it got changed.”  We hurried and went to headquarters.  After we listened to the broadcast and had a great time, we did exchanges with the zone leaders.  So Elder Harkness and I came to Yeongdo and spent time talking to others and visiting Choi SongJa.  Then at around 7, I taught the Japanese class and then we went home and ate chicken!!

Friday, we got to go clean up sister Choi SongJa's shop and then we talked to her and just taught a simple lesson.  After that, we ate, and Elder Harkness and I got on a train to go switch companions back to our original areas.  Then after we met our companions, Elder Tuinei and I went home and planned for the rest of the day.

On Saturday we had English class and... 15 people came to the class.  Usually we have about 8, but 15 people came. So we taught the class, and then after that, we cleaned the Church.  Saturday was also freezing, but after we cleaned we went outside and got to talk to a whole bunch of people and that was good!  We are letting people hear the word of God and I'm so glad I can do that!

Sunday was... FREEEZZZZING!!  So we had church and in sacrament meeting we had all the young men and young women bear their testimony, and people were crying and it was so spirit filled and emotional!  Also we had a missionary just got back from Los Angeles, and her family is part members so she is looking to live with them for eternity.  After church, we went outside looking for people and then after that we had to go attend a meeting for all leaders of the church.  So we went to this meeting, and we kind of felt out of place.  We are the leaders for the young men, but we were the only foreigners, only missionaries, only 18-year-old people at this meeting.  Though, it was super good, and the branch leadership bonded well.  Then after that, we unfortunately had another investigator cancel, but he will meet with us today!

So that was our day and we were super happy!! So just in closing, I want to say I love you guys a lot and I hope you have a great week!!


Elder Wilson

Friday, January 22, 2016

Week 18: Interviews and finding


My week has been amazing like all my other weeks.  I have one thing on my mind here in Yeongdo and that is... Yeongdo.  Every time I deeply ponder about Yeongdo or just anything to do with missionary work, my heart swells and I have such great joy!!  Yeongdo is so magical and I will just give you a little blurb about Yeongdo.  So Yeongdo is an island in South Korea right off of Busan.  If you have seen the Movie "Ponyo" this is what the island kind of seems like.  There are many people here and Yeongdo is very historic.  They are known for their shipyards and for fishing.  It is a beautiful island for sure.  It is super nice and I couldn't not be more happy :)

So this week's spiritual message is from Mosiah 16:9 in the Book of Mormon. It reads "He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death." This passage is talking about Christ. Christ is the light of the world and I know that for a fact.  Things in life can be dim, they can be very very boring, in fact, life can be very dark.  Yet there is no need to ever get down.  We have a Savior, we have a wonderful redeemer, because of him, death cannot separate families, we do not need to be sad.  Christ atoned for all mankind that they may be happy and find joy.  I think a lot about the beginning phrase "Because of him". My favorite video is actually the "Because of him" video. So Because of him, I can live with my wonderful family forever. So what would you say to this statement? Because of him...?

SO on to the week!! So this last week on Monday, I went and got my hair cut and I really loved that.  My hair looked great... One of the many things I can really get excited about in missionary work obviously.  ;)  Then after P-day, we went out to eat with people in our District and then we went out for about 3 hours and shared the gospel with everyone!  It was so fun and I love sharing the gospel.  The joy that it brings cannot be described in words and my heart just beats so loud and I just feel happy! :)

Tuesday was a day filled with greatness. So we studied in the morning and then went to our special needs English class!  It was so great.  Every week they ask if both of us are coming back and we say we are, but in 3 weeks, one of us might end up having to get transferred out. Usually new missionaries stay with their companion for 12 weeks and then they split... But things are going so well here and there is so much change happening, so there may be a point soon where I can't say that I am coming back.

So after we went and met with out friend Soung HoSok and we played ping pong for a bit and then he started asking about the Church and talking about how Koreans like Brands for everything.  Even Churches.  So we talked about that and we talked about how he can be happy and just had a great lesson and he said after our last meeting he went home and told his parents that he wanted to be baptized. But his parents said wait, so we are waiting to meet with him this upcoming Wednesday!

So then after that we made calls to people and talked to a whole bunch of people of the phone! We have a land phone at the Church so we are now making double the amounts of calls! I think it is pretty efficient! ;)

On Wednesday we got to talk to the Mission President face to face for interviews and that went super well! I was so happy that I could talk to him and he is such a wonderful man! He gives wonderful, inspired insight as well! Then after that we went to go visit a member and had a very good talk with her and she is doing super well!  Her name is Lee Hyosook!  Then after that we went outside and got to spread the gospel to people!  We also received a few contacts and they were interested in the Gospel!  We did a lot of talking to people which was great!  After which meet with a man named Kim Donghyun.  He had met missionaries before and I talked to him last Sunday.  So he came by and is now investigating the church after we talked to him a little more and in depth! :)  It was amazing and the fire in my heart was just so hot it was amazing! My body was so warm and I couldn't stop smiling and appointments are great! 

Thursday is our planning day so we studied and planned for the week to come!  It was super good to plan although normally planning takes about 3-4 hours!   Then after planning, I taught my Japanese Class and that went super well and was super fun for sure!  I love being able to speak Japanese and help them! 

Friday in the morning, we went and helped out our loving Sister Choi SongJa! :)  So we cleaned her place and then talked to her and got to see one of our investigators Mr. Won!!  He came down and ate some fish bread, and we talked to him for a good bit!  He was super happy and right now he is in Seoul!!  Then after we finished talking with Sister Choi SongJa and Mr. Won, we went home and ate lunch! After lunch we went outside and talked to many people and to make calls to others as well!  After which we had a dinner appointment with a girl's family that comes to English Class named Sarah!  Sarah is Korean and is super good at English!  We ate a thing called Dwegi Gookbab and that is amazing :) Then after that taught a small lesson and then made calls! We did a lot of calling people this week! :)

Saturday we had English class, and then after English class we went outside and explored Yeongdo and talked to many people. We actually found some skaters over here in the 대한민국 (Korea). It was pretty sick and then we were to the shipyard and talked to some people and a guy approached us and talked to us about the gospel and was interested!  Then after that, we went to our Young Men's activity which was bowling because we are that presidency now and it was super fun.  We went bowling and so we use 2 lanes and we formed teams. So the youngest got to choose teams and he chose me, so for the first frame I messed around and bowled a couple of gutters and the kid was like “ohhh no.. I picked the wrong teammate.”  So then I told him I was just messing around and then I bowled for real and got about 150 and that wasn't bad at all, so our team won and then the next game we won again by a pretty big amount!

Then we finished the night by eating some Ddok Boki and that was so bomb!! We had a great time and they really do like us a bunch and we bonded super well for sure! :)

On Sunday we got to go to Church and that was super awesome. I love going to Church so much and it just makes me feel so great inside! After that we went home and ate lunch and then after lunch we were going to go talk to people outside... But it started pouring rain... So we went to the Church, made more calls and then had an appointment that unfortunately cancelled on us, so we went and did sticker board gospel sharing! It was so nice to have fun and to be able to talk to many people. There were many people that had a lot of interest and were happy to talk to us! It is so great to be a missionary!

This last week was so amazing and I absolutely love being able to do this work! As I say a lot, I pray for you guys and I hope everything is going well!

I love you all so much!


Elder Wilson

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week17: Change....

Change... What a profound word... What exactly is change? I will not answer that, but all I know is that things are changing and things are always looking bright.  This week has been so wonderful and special for sure.  A new year means a whole lot of things, and a whole lot of change for many people. Although people don't celebrate it here, people do start changing for sure!  Change and love mixed together is the best combination and I love change for sure!

This week's message is on the pursuit of happiness.  It is so hard to think that I have already been in Korea for about 2 and a half months.  I am so filled with joy and peace because I am here.  The days are long, the time I feel like my sleep is short.  I walk everywhere, and get ignored by others, have bad things said to me, but I choose to keep walking.  Some may ask, am I happy?  How can you be happy away from home, with little of anything?  Yet I say I have plenty.  I have plenty because my Lord, my Savior Jesus Christ is with me always.  I know that he loves you.  In words it really cannot be expressed how much he loves you, and it is infinitely more than I am able to and I will say I love you so much.  But he is my joy and why I am out here serving.  Like one of my favorite Church hymns says "Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives: ' know that my Redeemer lives!'"  I know that he lives and loves me and because he lives I can be happy. Happiness is everlasting, so why not pursue happiness, peace, joy, love?  Why not?? If you want something, "Go and Get it!"  That is my thought for today. 

So this week, as the email title states, is full of change.  The amount of miracles that I have been able to see in just my short time here in Korea is amazing.  So I will pick up with last Monday, we got to email and that was so amazing!  Then we went, bowled and ate with some elders from another area named Sujeong (수정)!  After we went out and just had such a fun time, we went shopping for our means, and our P-day ended.  So after the 6 o'clock deadline of P-day, we went outside, shared the gospel, and that is my favorite thing to do.  So we actually went to a large mall and asked people questions, and they put stickers on a board which asks what they worry about.  During that time, many Japanese people were walking around and in front of our board, so I went and talked to them and got to share the gospel with them too. It is so nice to be able to speak Japanese and to love them with all my heart! I loved Monday! :)

On Tuesday, we got to go to our special needs English class. They are so great and were so excited to see us.  I absolutely love how pure and how happy they are.  They are so great and so cute!!  After class we went to our sort of mission mom's place, Sister Choi Songja.  We talked to her and she was so happy, and man... ,Happiness.. Smiles!! Such a warm feelin.   :)   Then after that we went home and made calls to people that my companion had gotten contacts from and then had dinner. After dinner, we went to go find a member of our area that doesn't really attend church anymore, and went to an apartment complex.  Typically at the apartments in our area, you just walk in and knock, but the apartment we went on Tuesday had hard locked glass doors and security pin combinations... So we tried to ring the doorbell and there was no answer.  Then some guy came and opened the door.  So, we tried to squeeze in, and my companion put his body in the door, but the door didn't stop sliding so he bailed out.  It just tried to squeeze him ahhaha. So, then another guy came and let us in and we went to this man's house, but he wasn't there so we left a very nice note :)

Wednesday was a day of miracles for sure! :)   So after we studied in the morning, we were going to the church to meet our friend, Song Hoseock (송호석), whom we played basketball with on new years.  So we hopped on the bus and Song Hoseock was on the bus!!!  So we talked with him and went to the church because he wanted to see the chapel.   We talk to him about the church and he has been praying every day since we had last met... He also went home after our meeting and researched about the Church and was wondering how Catholicism and being a Latter Day Saint is different.  So we explained the restoration to him, and he was intrigued.  We talked to him about the Book of Mormon and we asked if he wanted to get baptized. He said that he can't completely believe in the restoration yet, but he knows that he has to read the Book of Mormon and pray to get his answer.  But he said when he knows it is true, he will get baptized :) He really wants to too :)

Then after we talked to him, we showed him the baptismal font and then went out to go eat with him.  We ate 감자탕 also known as pork spleen soup! :)  So good!  My stomach was so happy.  We had planned to go play soccer tennis with him, but he didn't have time so we went separate ways, but we will see him this Tuesday!  Then we came back to the church, planned, made calls and then got to meet Tharindu in the evening!! YESSS :)  Ohh how great it is!  He is super stressed about work and about taking the Topik (Korean equivalent of the TOEFL) and he has been so busy!  But we got to meet with him and talk and the lesson went so well :) We are so excited for him and I just feel so great inside because his eyes sparkle and they are so amazing! :)

On Thursday, we had our meeting with other missionaries in our area. That went well and I got to give a talk during it!  That was so fun, and I really felt the spirit.  I talked about consecration of time and how a lot of the time, time is wasted, but how we can avoid it and what we are aiming for in life.  I loved it!  Then we got to plan for the week and we were going to meet with Tharindu so we canceled my Japanese class, but unfortunately he couldn't make it so we we went outside and got to share the gospel! :)  It was cold but great none the less :)

Friday was a great day! :)  We got to go up to Choi Songja's, and helped her set up her store!  After we did that, we were actually going to have a lesson with a Japanese professor, but he called us and said he was unable to meet, but he really wants to meet soon, so we will meet him in the future! :)   So because he cancelled on us, we went to the church and did a deep clean... Although none of the members noticed on Sunday, I feel great inside for doing it :) Then after cleaning we got to go outside more and shared the gospel from 6-9 because that is supposed to be the golden time... Yep... Nope. We go out and there is no one and it is super cold.. But We did find a super nice guy who was interested, so that is super golden! :)

Saturday was great! :) We got to teach English class and then after English class we got to go to a place called Gimhae (김해) with the young men and young women in our area!  It was super fun riding over there.  The reason why we had to go was because my companion and I are now the young men's presidency!!  So we went help out and it was so great. :)  I love being around them!  So, that was great and we got to talk to all the youth and that was so amazing!  I am so glad that I got to talk with them and it is so fun because able to speak Korean as well! 

Sunday was so cute! We went to church and things really were changing! We were talking to the young men, we got to do activities with them and on top of that they were interested and actually engaged! Also we had the primary program, where all the little kids that attend church sing songs for us and show us what they have learned last year! It was so cute :)  Then after Church, we made calls and then shared the gospel, got more appointments and then later that day we got to do sticker boarding in the same place we did Monday! :)

That was my week so far!! I'm planning on getting my hair cut today and that will be fun! I'm super excited for this coming week and I hope you are doing well! :) I love you all very much!

Love Always,

Elder Wilson
With our investigator

My Awesome Companion!

Our Awesome Youth

Week 16: Happy 2016

I love the New Year, and love the goals that are made.  The New Year just has such an atmosphere to it, and I really can say how wonderful it is that we are able to spend New Years with our loved ones and that we have such a great season to celebrate not only the Saviors birth, but also the welcoming of a new year!  I'm sure that all things went well and that New Years was a great time for all.

With the theme of the New Year in mind, I would like to concentrate on something that I have been sharing with everyone lately.  As you know well, New Years is about a lot of things, and many people focus on making goals and/or resolutions of what they want to commit themselves to do to become a better person as they grow up.  So the story that I want to share is one of my favorite stories, the Tree of Life. This story is found in the Book of Mormon in a book called 1st Nephi.  A little background here is that Lehi, the prophet at the time, has a dream about him and his family.  This dream is that he is wandering in darkness and is holding onto an iron rod which leads to a tree with a fruit that is sweet and delicious beyond measure.  But there are a few things that distract from this course, things such as a thick fog, a very straight and "narrow" path, a large cliff and water, a large spacious building with people mocking those who are clinging to this Iron Rod.

Lehi in this dream gets to the Tree and eats this fruit and says "And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy".  This great joy that he has inside his heart is something that resonates inside of my heart.  This is the joy that is brought from the gospel of Jesus Christ.  That families can be together forever, that I can live with all the people I love for eternity, that I can be happy and at all times am being watched over.

Lehi later goes onto say "I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that it was desirable above all other fruit."  I really am desirous for all to be happy and trust in the Lord.  And Lehi finally says, "And it came to pass that I beheld others pressing forward, and they came forth and caught hold of the end of the rod of iron; and they did press forward through the mist of darkness, clinging to the rod of iron, even until they did come forth and partake of the fruit of the tree."  So based on this story, I really do want you, one of my loved and cherished ones to come unto Christ and to see what joy it brings.  Come closer unto him and trust God.  Love others and spend time with them, be grateful and most of all be Wonderful. 

So now with that I would like to talk about what has happened this past week!!  :)  
SO here it goes. Last Monday, we went out to eat with other missionaries and then went shopping for goods. Then we went to our beloved 임남미 (Eem Nam Mi)'s house and we made Sushi or (김밥) a little more modified version of it.  It was super fun and we had just a blast of a time.  I really love that woman! She is about 65 and just awesome!  So great and I really do enjoy her so much and the love she shows towards us!

Tuesday was such a packed day!!  In the morning after waking up, my trainer and I had to go to a meeting at headquarters in Busan.  This meeting is for trainers and trainees, and it is just the halfway point to see how everyone is doing and how they are adjusting.  So we had that and it was great!  I am so glad to see all the people that I got to leave the Missionary Training Center with!  It was awesome! :)   We got to talk ,and man, how I miss everyone so much! Then we came back to Yeongdo, got to go out and share the gospel, and went and dropped off brownies to our beloved members.  That is what we are doing now.  We visit members and give them goodies because they are amazing and we want to show how much we love them.

On Wednesday, we got to go up and clean Sister Choi SeongJa's Fish bread shop! (최성자 자매님)  That went well. Everyday I grow closer to the people here, and my heart feels like it is at home.  How I love being here.  I am just in wondering awe that I get to be here, and it just doesn't feel real.  I just love being here in Yeongdo.  This is my family :) Then we went home, ate, and went to an appointment with a possible investigator, but he didn't show up and said that we will meet in the future.  So then after that we went, called people and talked to people about the gospel. Then one of our members asked us for a favor. So we went and got some books and brought it to her shop and we sat down and talked and we shared a message.  She opened up to us a lot and it is just amazing to see how much they love us and trust us!  I love being a missionary, this really is such a great work!

On Thursday, we got to have a great meeting with other missionaries in our area, and we had the opportunity to talk to people because we got to the meeting early.  We met someone who really is just wonderful --words can't describe her-- and she is so genuine and she really does want the gospel.  So we talked to her about it and that was great!  She is meeting with the missionaries now.  Then after the meeting we all went out to eat and then because some of the missionaries said the bus was quicker than the subway we rode the bus and it got stuck in traffic so we were 14 minutes late to an appointment.  :(  
We got off the bus and sprinted and met them. We taught this person english and that went well, and then after which I taught Japanese class.  After Japanese class, we went home and made calls!  Thursday was a very very very busy day actually, a lot of talking to people and meeting. Yes, and although it was New Years Eve we went to sleep before 12. Missionary life is great!

So then on Friday.... Happy New Years for sure!  So we studied, got invited to go to a buffet with all the members of the Yeoungdo branch, and so we went out and ate with them. Then we came back to Yeoungdo, and waited for our great friend and investigator Lee Sanghoon (이상훈).  We actually went and played basketball on New Years... Like.... Yes!!! :) So we went out with his friend Song Hosok (송호석) and played basketball.  So at first it was Missionaries against Koreans, so they would get up like 6-0, and Elder Tuinei looks at me and is like "we are going to lose, and you haven't even shot lol."  I was like "it'll so okay."  So I get the rebound and rattle off 8 points to win.  Then It was Elder Tuinei and Lee Sanghoon against Song Hosok and I, so then it goes like 6-0 and Elder Tuinei is like... "Hmmm... It looks like it is about that time when the tide turns."  Then I rattled off 8 points. Then last game, and same deal.  It is so fun playing basketball!  Then we got to share a great message and they both took it real well!  We are going to hang with them on Wednesday actually!  Then we went out and shared the gospel more... So much sharing :)

Then on Saturday,  we got to go hiking with our investigator Mr. Won.  When we got to a certain point at the mountain, there were workout equipments.  So, we worked out with him, and Mr. Won wanted me to do the circuit with him!  It was a great time and then we ate lunch together and shared a great message, got to know him more and to really understand what he needs.  I love that man, and I just always want to hug people because they are really wonderful. I just love them and adore these people!  Then we taught English and got to have a meeting with our branch president.  Then while we were trying to weekly plan, we get a call that we need to go tend Choi SongJa''s fish bread stand, so we went up and we did.  That really was so great!  It is the right thing to do for sure, and I love seeing her and talking to her. That was Saturday.

Sunday was so spiritual. Fast and Testimony meeting was fantastic and everyone went up and bore their testimonies about God, and how He is there, and their goals and how God will help them accomplish them.  One of the things I liked the most was at the end where the 1st counselor in the Branch Presidency was bearing his testimony.  He has been having a hard time lately, and he started crying.  He talked about how he was unable to be there for his son's birth and he just kept saying... "How can I be a better man, and am I even a good man?"  That line resonated in me. "Am I even a good man?" " How can I be better?" This is a deep question for sure, and I always need to be better. There is no stopping progression, but how can I be a better man is something that will resonate in my heart and I invite you to ask yourselves that, and to do some self reflection because it helps :) 
Then later we planned and went and shared the gospel with others!

That has really been my week so far.  My last words here are "how can I be better?" and "What can I do to make myself better?"  I know that the Lord will bless and he loves all his Children.  The scripture that I want to share is one that I believe is applied to all people.  It comes from 1st Nephi 9:6 "But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all his words. And thus it is. Amen." He does know all things. He knows you are he loves you and please remember that.

Happy late New Years! :)


Elder Wilson
Happy Bowling Hour with Other Missionaries

Korean version of  Japanese fish pastry called Taiyaki: Bungeoppang (붕어빵)

That is the bridge to get onto the island that I serve

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 15: Christmas and More

Where to begin... where to begin... This week has been amazing for sure, and I can really say... “Christmas miracles happen for sure!!” I am so happy to be here in Korea!!  Actually today it is freezing cold! I don't mind much, but still... Being cold is being cold.  Christmas really is such a special time, and I hope you all spent it well with family and loved ones. There is no better feeling than spending time with those you love and being so happy. 

So the message that I want to share today is about the song "More Holiness Give me".  So the tune for this song is actually is called "My Prayer".  In the verse 1, it says "More holiness give me, More strivings within, More patience in suff'ring, More sorrow for sin, More faith in my Savior, More sense of his care, More joy in his service, More purpose in prayer."  This song right now is probably my favorite song actually.  How can I be more in tune with God's will, how can I have more faith, how can I help people more, how can I be more diligent are some questions I ask myself.  So when there are times where I have no clue what to do and there is trouble in my heart, I bow my head before my maker, and ask for more holiness, more faith, more miracles.  Then look up to the sky and know he is watching me and smiling and saying, “I love you.”  He will answer, He will!  I know this to be true.

On to the update of this week:
So last Monday after we finished writing emails and me going and being able to speak Japanese and Korean to people and spread the gospel, we came to the Church in Yeoungdo and we waited for Tharindu, our Sri-Lankan Friend... Unfortunately he was still busy that did not show up, so we went outside and shared the gospel with others. 

On Tuesday we got to go to one of our favorite English classes with the special need people. They are so awesome and they really love us a bunch. They always ask us if we will come back the next week, or if we are getting moved and they are like these are our favorite English teachers.  We love acting out words for them and doing just really fun things.  It was awesome because I also wore a Christmas hat and they look at me and are like it is Santa!!  And then they are like... Wow... You have lost a lot of weight and have no beard… haha! I love it J   Then we got to go visit the lady at the fish bread shop and we talked to her for a little bit. After which we proselyted for a bit and went to the Church at about 6 pm and waited for our friend Tharindu because supposedly he was going to come, but unfortunately he didn't again... But the person who did come was the man that we were trying to find 2 Fridays ago... He just showed up to the Church and he was wondering about the Christmas party.  We talked for about an hour and then he left...  We were like, he doesn't answer our calls, or texts... Somehow he just shows up and talks with us... We were like that was an amazing miracle for sure!!  We know that because we simply walked for 2 hours looking for his house, God had him come to the Church. We are some happy.

Wednesday we had our Christmas party, and the guy who had come to the Church on Tuesday showed up as he said he would! Also we had Elder Tuinei perform a dance and everything turned out great. We had a present raffle activity, ate dinner and that was so fun!  I am so glad that we helped put all of it together and that the members had such a great time J  Also in the morning we, had meetings with the missionaries in my area, and we took pictures because some of the people were going to be transferred out.  We took great pictures.

Then on Thursday, we were so excited for Christmas, and it was such a good day!  We studied and then went to the Church to plan out our week.  While we were doing that a former investigator walked in and was looking for some old missionaries.  We talked to him, and he told us that he wants to start meeting with us and get baptized.  So we will meet with him soon.  We were actually talking about him about 1 hour before he just showed up. That was a miracle too!  Then taught my Japanese class and that was good!

Then onto... Christmas JJJ  So Christmas morning, Elder Tuinei and I opened presents and that was great!  I got so many great things from my parents and family!  Especially an American flag and a Japanese flag!  Then we went to the Church and Skyped our families, which we get to do twice a year (Mothers day & Christmas).  It was amazing seeing my family, and I was just so thankful for technology and how great things are!  I was just so happy for the rest of the day! Then we went out and ate and then went to a very large shopping area and shared the gospel with others using a sticker board!  It was great!  And then I took my companion out to eat Bulgogi (Korean Grilled Marinated Beef), and some other great grilled meat. All in all, Christmas was amazing.

One thing I want to share about Christmas is that, although it has been said often I want to say it again.  Christmas isn't about presents at all really.  It is really about what you do and how you spend your time with your family and loved ones, how you remember Christ and why you are so happy on this holiday.  I love Christmas because I get to spend it doing the best thing of all, serving my Lord with all my strength.

Then on Saturday we got to go help our Fish Bread Mom, and we went and set up her stand and shared pictures and just had a great time!  Then we taught English and that was fantastic.  Then, we went out and taught others about the gospel.  It really is a joy that I can spend my time teaching about Jesus Christ and how much he means to me.

Then on Sunday was got to go to Church, got to eat lunch with all the members who attend Church, and just talk.  Then because we love our members so much, we have been making brownies and we started delivering them because of how special our members are.  We really do love them so much, and I just want to do so much more for them!  Then we went to the same shopping center and taught.  It was so cold, but it was amazing! :)

That was kind of how my past week went and I really can't say how much I love being here and how much I want to share it with you. There is just something special here that I can't describe other than joy. I am just so happy. I hope you have a very happy new year! Remember, God loves you and he is our Heavenly father


Elder Wilson

Christmas Morning

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