Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 60: Exchanges and Meetings

Wow!! So today, I’m feeling a little bit older for sure!! 
Today, I had to go to renew my immigrant card because if you stay in Korea for more than 1 year, that means that you have to extend your time of sojourn!  That was pretty neat actually.. To think that basically next week I will have been in Korea for more than 1 year really astounds me for
sure. Lately, I have been really looking back on my life and just how wonderful it has been and how insuffiecient I am, and I was really able to reflect a lot… But wow… a few weeks back, I said that I had been doing missionary work for a year and now I have basically been in Korea for about a year now!! Just amazing!! I really love it here and it is getting colder here every day… It actually got down to about 30
degrees (Farenheit) and the wind just eats you it.. It was so cold, but other than that, I love Haeundai and it is so great here!!

This week as I was reading through the Book of Mormon, I wanted to share the words of Jacob!  In Jacob 5:75 it reads:  "And it came to pass that when the Lord of the vineyard saw that his fruit was good, and that his vineyard was no more corrupt, he called up his servants, and said unto them: Behold, for this last time have we nourished my vineyard; and thou beholdest that I have done according to my will;
and I have preserved the natural fruit, that it is good, even like as it was in the beginning. And blessed art thou; for because ye have been diligent in laboring with me in my vineyard, and have kept my commandments,and have brought unto me again the natural fruit, that my vineyard is no more corrupted, and the bad is cast away,behold ye
shall have joy with me because of the fruit of my vineyard." 

I really love this scripture.. The joy that comes through the gospel is endless and that as we help others come unto Christ, how great will not only our joy be, but also theirs as well! I love this gospel and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.

So this last week on Monday, we were planning to go ice skating in the morning in the world’s largest department store… But… it turned out to be 20000W (20 Dollars) for about 2 hours -- which is a bit too much to spend on for missionaries -- so we didn’t do that.  Instead, we just went out to eat!! So we did that.  When we came back to the church, we found out that the Wifi was broken, so we took turns using the computers and sent people to go shopping, and it was fun as we were trying to fix the WiFi!  After that, we went outside and talked to people!! It was a blast being able to find others to teach and to love and to help come just a little closer unto Christ.

On Tuesday, we had an exchange, so we went to go do our service project and we went and served people food and cleaned and it was fantastic!!
Then we went and met the Daeshin Elders, and I got to go with an elder named Elder Johnson. He has only been out in Korea for 8 weeks.  So, Elder Johnson and I went home and studied a bit and went outside and talked to a bunch of people.  We were able to really find some great people!

Then on Wednesday, we got up in the morning, changed and then discussed about the exchange and then went to district meeting! After District meeting, we went on another exchange and I was able to go back to 영도 (Yeongdo), my training area with Elder Stradling!!  We had a great time and were able to meet many people, and we even met a man who didn’t really want to meet with us to learn more about Jesus Christ --- but he actually wanted to talk to us about "his" gospel that he made… So anyways.. at least we had a nice chat and were able to talk to him and that was a good time and hopefully one day he will want to learn about the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  I absolutely love Yeongdo and I am always so happy to go back to it!!

Then on Thursday, we did that and then we went on exchanges with the Gwejong elders and I went with Elder Stephens. He is from Wyoming, which was a shocker and he has been out in Korea for 3 weeks now!  So we went out and were able to talk to a many people and to share the gospel with others and many accepted it and it was, overall, a
wonderful day.

On Friday, we went to the mission home to have a meeting and so we met and then had lunch after the meeting and then came back to Haeundai and planned for a little bit and then we went outside and talked to some more people!

On Saturday, we went to go play soccer with some investigators in the morning, and then we played some basketball with some kids because they were coincidently there! After that we came back to Haeundai, talked to some people and then went to a baptismal service with our
investigator and talked about baptism!! Then we went outside and talked to some people and that was really our Saturday!!

On Sunday, we had church: it was a great time for sure… Very interesting one of a kind experience, actually… I was also able to bear my testimony in church about my family. 

The members showed me a video of my Dad playing 1 on 1 basketball with students at the University of Akron. So I was able to talk about how much I want to be like him and if I want to be like my Dad so much and if I love him so much, how much more do I love my Heavenly Father and how much more does he love me…. SO That is what I talked about! Then after that we planned for this week and then we went outside and talked to some people.  Then we ate dinner and went outside again and talked to people and that was my week!!

It was wonderful and I love you all so much!! Thank you for all that you do!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

Before Baptism

It's P-Day!!!

Week 59: Halloween Party!! At the Maximum level!!

This week has been somewhat busy for sure!! We were able to go outside a little bit and talk to a whole bunch of people, had English class and also got to host a Halloween party!! Wow this week went super fast and we were able to help others a bunch too!! I love being here in Korea!! The weather is cooling day by day.. So right now it is like 9 degrees celsius or so... Not bad!! It really is great being in Korea and being able to wear the name of Jesus Christ on my chest
and help others come closer unto Christ!

This week as I was thinking about what I might write today, started thinking about the challenge that we receive to read the book of mormon in less than 6 weeks! I wanted to share a scripture that I read and it is actually all of 1 Nephi 13. It is fantastic. It talks about the restoration of the gospel! How wonderful it is that the Book of Mormon has been foretold of since before Christ and how it would be such a large factor in these days! I really do know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and invite all to read it front to back.
Just for 5 minutes a day and as you read, your heart will grow and your love for Jesus Christ will increase and there will be insurmountable blessing in your life!

So last week on Monday, We emailed for a little bit in the morning and then went to eat lunch. After Eating lunch, my companion needed to go take an English test called the Michigan test --- he took that for 2 hours.   Then we came back to Haeundai, shopped, returned home, and then went outside and talked to others about Jesus Christ and his gospel.

On Tuesday, we studied in the morning, and then went to a service project where we get to serve people food, and it was super great except that it started raining and it poured!!  After that we went to the mission home and had a meeting with some other missionaries. Then we came back and talked to people and were able to share the gospel!!

On Wednesday, we got to meet an investigator for the first time. Then we had to run and catch a train to get to a meeting at the mission home. So we went there for a while, and then came back to the church and had English class. After that, we had a meeting with all the other
missionaries in Haeundai.  After the meeting, we were able to go outside for a little bit and talk to people about the gospel even more!

On Thursday, we had a meeting in the morning, had lunch with the other missionaries, and then I went to a place called Sujeong on an exchange, where I taught an advanced English class as a service project. After that, we walked home from there and talked to people about the Book of Mormon and the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to finish the
day, we got to meet with someone who hasn't gone to church for the past 22 years and talked with him. It turned out to be a great day!!

On Friday, we de-exchanged, went to Costco to pick up food
and other necessities for the Halloween party. After that, we
set up the church for the party, and at the very end of the day, we were able to go outside and talk to people!

Saturday was fully packed! We planned in the morning, went
outside and talked to people, came back to the church and got ready for the halloween party, met with the investigator, and then we had the halloween party!! 

Everyone thought it turned out great!!  After we cleaned up, we went outside and called it a night!

Then on Sunday, we had church.  I translated that day.  In the
middle of church, I got super sick and super nauseous.. But that was okay because I went home after church was completely done and took a nap and took some medicine and felt like 100 dollars afterwards! 

So, we went outside and talked to a whole bunch of people and went sticker boarding and then that was basically our day!! It was an amazing week and I loved it so much!! 

Miss you guys!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 58: Elder Bednar came!! Seeing people from my childhood!!

This week has been amazing!!  We were able to do so many things and talk to so many people!!  Also, getting a new companion is a bunch of fun!!  In Haeundai, we got another team that moved into the house, so we now have 4 people in the house and it really is a party!! 
Now that the rain has seemed to have stopped, we are having nice weather although it is getting colder.. I think today is like 12 degrees Celsius.. (I don't remember what anything is in Fahrenheit is anymore), but this week was amazing!! 
Oh, and, all the missionaries who are in Busan will be reading the Book of Mormon is less than 6 weeks! WE are so
excited!!!  I love being able to serve the Lord and tell others about everything that has made me extremely happy!!

This week, as we were able to meet with Elder Bednar, he said something to us which I wanted to share today! 

It is "Faith is Action and Power".  Now let me explain this here.  Faith is action because when we believe what we are doing, we need to act for anything to come about. And, faith is power because by believing and acting, we are using God and his power, so that way we can accomplish his will!  I
love being here in Korea as a missionary.  I also know that faith is crucial, no matter who you are!!  If you have faith, you will act and God will help you on your course in coming back to him and finding everlasting happiness!

SO this week, on Monday, I went with Elder Newell and we dropped off his stuff at the mission home.   Then I waited for Elder Song, and we met and came back to Haeundai!  We then emailed and then he went and got a haircut and we went shopping!!  After all of this, we went outside and talked to people for the rest of the day.   We were able to really talk and have a good time with others and sharing the restored gospel with them!!

On Tuesday, Elder Song and I studied in the morning, ate lunch and then went outside and met with our 91 year old Member, Brother Bae!!  Then we went outside and talked to more people, had dinner and went outside again and met with some people and that was our day!

On Wednesday, we went outside and talked to some people first. We were also able to meet with an investigator who was pretty happy to see us!!  Then we had our English class.  After the class, we had a meeting with all the missionaries in our area so that we could plan a Halloween party, and then we went back outside and talked to people!

On Thursday, we studied and then planned for the upcoming week. Then we went outside and met with an investigator and his student (he is an English teacher, who is korean) and we had a really great discussion!! After that, we went outside and talked to people: we were able to have a really good time talking to people!!

Friday was a very busy day!!  One of General authorities of the church, Elder Bednar was coming to talk to all the missionaries, so we went to the mission home.  We then, had to go get flu shots, ate lunch and went to the meeting where Elder Bednar was at!  While there, I was able to see
Brother Killian who attended the same church as my family and me in Japan! It was such a great experience!! Also, being able to see an Apostle of the Lord was such a great experience!! After that, we came back to Haeundai and had a chance to converse with people and share with them about the gospel of Jesus Christ!!

On Saturday, we went and played soccer in the morning. Then we returned home, and went out and talked to some people.  We also met with an investigator, and that was great!! He really likes the church and is really looking into it and that is good!  Then we were able to go back outside and talk to others after that!!

On Sunday, we were able to take our investigator Jang DaeYoon (장대윤) with us to go see President Bednar speak and then to watch a baptismal service!!  Then we came back to Haeundai and went to go see Brother Bae.  After that, we were able to go outside and talk to people and did sticker board with all the other missionaries in our area and that was my week!

It is getting super cold, but I love being here and being able to talk with others and love them and to be able to teach them the gospel!!

I love this work, and I love and miss you guys a bunch!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

With Brother Oh

Elder Song

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Week 57: Transfer week gone... I'm still in Haeundai!

Hello!!  It is wonderful to still be serving in Haeundai and to be able to keep serving the great members and people here as well!!  My companion, Elder Newell, has finished his 2 year mission and is now going back to Olympia, Washington!! So that means... I got a new companion!! My new companion is a Korean and his name is Elder 송지수(Song Jisu).  He is a wonderful missionary and I'm very excited to serve with him and it will be a real adventure for sure!! 
This last week has also been pretty warm, come to think about it! It got cooler, so we are wearing suits now, but... when it warms up... well, we still can't take our suits off, so it was a... yep!!  But, still an amazing week!!

Today, I was thinking about how great life is!!  How great being a missionary is!  How great it is that I am here and I have a loving family and, just how thankful I am.  But then I think to myself, did I really do enough to show my thanks?  I have been thinking about that a lot recently as well.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, "We are surrounded by such an astonishing wealth of light and truth that I wonder if we truly appreciate what we have."  We really have been so blessed with so much and so much love and happiness and joy..  But sometimes as time passes, the things that once seems extraordinary, starts looking ordinary for some reason. This gospel is an amazing gift that we have.  Christ's atoning sacrifice is something that cannot be described in words and is certainly not ordinary..  Let us not take for granted what
we have, but rather, let us give thanks for what we have... For all the things we have and all the people we meet! I love this gospel and I know Jesus Christ atoned for each and everything one of us, and oh.... how wonderful it is.

So this week was amazing!! This last week on Monday, we were planning on taking a boat onto an island, but because of the typhoon... the little shack that was giving boat rides went somewhere, so we climbed on rocks and took pictures and had a great time with other missionaries!  Then we ate together and then played some sports and then came back to Haeundai to write emails.  After emailing and shopping, we went outside and talked to people!

On Tuesday, we went outside and visited out friend, Brother
Bae in the hospital!  He is truly wonderful and he was sooo happy to see us!!  We were also very happy to see him!

Then we went outside and were able to talk to a whole lot of great people, and were able to go visit a couple of less actives members.  We then talked to some more people and that was our day!!!

On Wednesday, we went and talked to people outside, had a
meeting with the sisters and then we had English class!! Also, since Elder Neweel hadn't had the opportunity to eat moving octopus in his life, so... WE ate it too!!

Thursday was wonderful!!  We had a meeting for all the members in our zone and that was spectacular!!  Also, we came back to Haeundai and cleaned our house because we were approaching the new transfer and then went outside and had a chance to talk to more people!

On Friday, Elder Newell had his last interview with President Barrow.  So, we went to talk with him and went to the interview!  Then we came back to our house, planned for the upcoming and went outside.  We were able to talk to a few more people again!!

On Saturday, we played soccer with some investigators,
and then we came back to our house, changed into our missionary clothes, went outside and taught others, and then got to meet with a few investigators.  Then we went back outside and talked to people and that was our day!

On Sunday, Elder Newell gave his final talk and I gave a talk too!  Then after church, we were able to talk with the members and then we went outside and went to see Brother Bae again!!  After which, we came back to the church, where I needed to make travel plans for all the people in the zone that were moving and then we went to a members house and had dinner!!  That was our week!!

I love it here in Busan and I really can call this place "wonderful"!  Busan really is amazing and I love being able to serve here and help serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength!

I love you guys and miss you a bunch!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

With My Old Companion, Elder Newell

With My New Companion, Elder Song Jisu

With Elder Dobbins

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 56: ...And, a Typhoon Hit!!

So this week has been a really great week and we were able to talk to a bunch of people when we went outside!  Also, we finally got to watch General Conference and that was a great highlight for sure!!  It has been really fun this week and I love being here! 
Transfers are going to be on the 17th, and Elder Newell is going home and finishing his mission that day.  So, who knows what will happen!  At least, I'm doing well and I love being in Haeundai so much!!

Anyway, every twice a year, we are able to hear a living prophet of God and our church leaders proclaim God's words during General Conference, and we are able to benefit a little more fully in our lives!  This last General Conference, Elder Gary E. Stevenson quoted President Benson who said "The Book of Mormon teaches us truth [and] bears testimony of Christ. … But there is something more. There is a power in the book which will begin to flow into your lives the moment
you begin a serious study of the book. You will find greater power to resist temptation. … You will find the power to stay on the strait and 
narrow path."   

While I was thinking about this and the past experiences I have had with the Book of Mormon, I have really been able to see the truth of the Book of Mormon!  I have always known that it is true, but as we continue to read it day by day, we really do feel so much greater and so much happier.  The Book of Mormon was written to help all come closer unto Christ and it teaches very sound and fundamental truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love the Book of Mormon. I love reading it and studying it!  Not only is it the keystone of our
Religion, but it is the only way to find out the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  So I invite all, so read it, and to reap the blessing that have so blessed my life!

So last week on Monday, we were able to get up and go to Masan 마산, to go see a less active member, who wanted to treat us to lunch because Elder Newell is finishing up his mission.  His name is 곽태수 (Gwak Taesoo), and he loves the missionaries.  We had a fun time eating with him and talking with him!  Then we came back to Busan, where we shopped, came to the church, emailed, and then we went outside and talked to a bunch of people, and taught about Christ --- and, that was our day!

On Tuesday, we studied in the morning, met an investigator,
who wants to meet and learn about the church, and then we switch companions for a day!  So I was able to serve with an elder named Elder Smoot, and he has only been in the mission for about 5 weeks!  So it was great going around and talking to people.   

We were able to see Brother 김용호 (Kim Yongho) from 경산(Gyeongsan)!  He came down to see me because he didn't have work!  So we had dinner together, and then Elder Smoot and I went outside and talked to even more people!

On Wednesday, we were experiencing a great Typhoon, so the missionaries couldn't go out until President said it was alright to.  So after a while, we went outside and talked to people.  Then we switched companions, came back, had a meeting with the sisters, had English class and then we went out to eat with another member!!
Then again, we went out and talked to some more people and that was essentially our day!

On Thursday, we went to go to a District meeting and that was great!  We took pictures, went out to eat!  After that, we had to go get some forms from some other missionaries and so we did that, and came back to Haeundae and we had to do a lot of paperwork for a large meeting on Sunday!  So... Let's just say... My Korean typing skills have gotten a lot faster!

On Friday, we had meeting with a few other missionaries in the morning, and then we came back to our area for a little bit and dropped everything off!   After that, we went down to a place called Nampo (남포), and talked to people while doing a big activity!  After that got done, we had to run over to another church, where I interviewed a person to get baptized -- it was all good! And then we returned home!

Saturday was General Conference all day!  So we came to the Church and watched the conference -- that was amazing! Being able to hear from the prophet and being able to be lead and guided by him, really gives me such happiness and joy!! Then for a little bit, we were able to meet with another person and then we went outside and talked to people!

On Sunday, we watched the rest of General Conference, and  had to go to a large meeting with the Stake Presidency.  Then we returned to Haeundae and talked to a bunch of more people and that was our day!!

Thank you so much for all your love and support!  
Hope you have a great week!!

Elder Wilson


Week 55: Why Is It Raining?

This week the weather has been... just rain... Every day... Or at least it seemed like it.  At least, we were able to accomplish a lot of things this week even though we had a lot of rainy days, and our investigators had to take tests, so they
were unable to meet with us.  
Regarless of whatever challenges we have, it has been so great over here all the time, and I love being able to serve here in Korea!  
My companion, Elder Newell, is going home in the next 2 weeks and it is really amazing to see how fast time really flies.  We talk about our missions and given, everyone has their fun adventures, but it is so weird to think that I really have been out for more than 1 year.... I love Haeundae and
missionary work really is amazing!!

This week, I have been able to ponder a whole bunch of things about the enduring to the end. As I have played sports throughout my life, I have really been able to see how crucial it is to play to the very end!!  If you don't play all 4 quarters in a basketball game, yea, maybe you can win sometimes, but it is super difficult to pull it off.  As I thought about this and how short missionary work and life is, I wanted to share a scripture from 2 Nephi 31: 20.  It reads "Wherefore,
ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men.  Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life." 
know that sometimes it is hard, but as we really do press  forward with a perfect hope and love of God, we are able to feel the joy in life and happiness of this gospel!!

So this last week, on Monday, we had P-day!! So in the morning we shopped and then we went to the Gwangan church to go meet up with the elders and sisters in our District and we played ping pong and ate lunch together. Then we came back to Haeundae where we emailed and went outside for a little bit.  Then we had an appointment when a member who wasn't about to come out to church every week although he was baptized a few months ago.  So we met with him and had a great time talking with him. After that, we went outside in the rain and talked to people and that was our day!

On Tuesday, we studied in the morning, then went on exchanges with the Daeshin Elders.  So Elder Lee and I went back to Daeshin where we had a meeting with the sisters to discuss about the area.  Then we went outside for the rest of the day and talked to people --- it was great for the most part, until it started pouring rain and we got super wet because the forecast didn't say it was going to rain.  So, we went back to the house soaking wet but Elder Lee and I talked together and it was great!!

Then on Wednesday, we woke up in the morning and went to our Zone meeting, where Elder Newell and I were able to talk to others and were able to practice teaching, and it was super great!  Then we came back to Haeundae and talked to others for a bit, had our area meeting and then had English class!  After English class, we went outside in the rain again and got to talk to people and it was alright!

On Thursday, we got up in the morning, and we went on another Exchange with the Gwejong Elders, and I got to serve wit my past companion Elder Lee Yong Jae and it was super great!!  Unfortunately it was raining the entire day and all our appointments fell through, so we went outside and tried to talk to as many people as we could, but not many
people wanted to talk to us.  However, it all changed at a point, and we were able to talk to soo many people and they wanted to hear about the gospel.  So, it was great!!

On Friday, we had studies in the morning and met up with our old companions, de-exchanged, came back to Haeundae where we planned for the rest of the week, and then went outside and talked to people. It was still raining... Like serious.. There was so much rain this week...

On Saturday, we got up early in the morning, went and played soccer with some of our investigators and some members, and returned home.  No one was able to meet on Saturday, so yet again.. WE went outside for the entire day!  It was great to go and talk to people!  Also, we found a family who wants to hear the gospel, we were able to have dinner with them as well!

Sunday was amazing!! We had Fast and Testimony meeting.  For the last 5 weeks, I have been translating for a family from the states and they were able to have a great time at church!! Then we got to take the sacrament to a member who is in the hospital. After that we went outside and talked to some more people and there seem to be so many people with great potential!  It really great serving here and I love
others and being able to help others come closer unto Christ!

I love you all and hope you all have a great week!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

Chicken Dinner!!