Friday, January 20, 2017

Training time

Week 70: It snowed. Looking for directions...

This week was amazing!! Got to have a lot of new experiences and got to meet new people! I especially was able to see so many miracles! My new companions name is Elder Stein and he is from Ann Arbor, Michigan!
We got along very well and serving in Gumjeong is a blast! The Gumjeong church is really nice and you have to take off your shoes and walk in with slippers in the church! WE have a lot of people come out to church and I really do love it here as well as my other areas!! It is great! This week has also been really cold and with the wind, it made things even better.... But it is a blessing being here and being able to help others come closer unto Christ!

This week as I thought about what to write, I want to focus on the topic of Faith. Faith is interesting because many people believe it is just believing. "If I wish upon a star or believe that something will come true, it will come true". But unfortunately that is not the case. Faith is where we work hard for what we want and although there aren't want things that we can control, we do our best to do all we can for things to come to be, then by believing God will give an answer to a prayer or to a wish. I love the principle of Faith because without it
no one can live. But because people have faith and people come to know that there in a God and that Jesus Christ is their Savior, we are all able to benefit and live better lives.

On Monday, I finished packing my bags and then sent them via the post office! Then Elder Haskell and I went to the mission home and waited for our new companions. (Or for me, I waited for my temporary companion) So we waited and then we had a birthday party and the mission home because it is other people's birthdays and then my temporary companion and I  (Elder Mahler) went outside to go find the
Gumjeong house... (We had no directions, we just vaguely knew where it might be). So we go out and then get hair cuts and then we went and walked around with no fear in mind and my some miracle found the church which was unlocked and we asked the sisters where our house was. So we got to our house and then went shopping for the new trainees and then came back to the house and cleaned it up!

On Tuesday, we went to a training meeting in the morning for new trainers and then after that we went outside and went up to 울산 (Ulsan) to a place called 경주 (GyeongJu). Elder Mahler is set to serve there... So we went up and it was like getting off a bus in the middle of no where and not knowing where to go.. So we caught a taxi and went to the hospital first because Elder Mahler had to get some things check
out and then we walked around and tried to find their house.. We finally found it and then went outside and shopped and then found the church and got some things taken care of and then went home and cleaned the house for the new trainees!

Wednesday morning, we woke up early and caught a bus down to Busan and then went to the mission home to go to the trainee meeting. So we went and went straight outside and rotated with the trainees. We were able to teach some lessons on the street and meet some great people! Then
we came back and had lunch and then got our assignments for trainees! So I was able to get Elder Stein as my trainee and it was super great!! We were smiling and it was super joyous! Then we came to Gumjeong and found our house and then went outside and talked to people on the street!

On Thursday, we studied in the morning and then had lunch and then we went outside and to the church to show him around it. Then we went outside and talked to more people and went home and ate and then had English class!! English class was really good and then we went outside again to talk to people and it was very apparent that it was getting a lot colder.

On Friday, we studied in the morning again and then planned out the week and then we went outside and talked to a few people and it was really good! It was pretty cold on that day and then we went home for dinner and while cooking dinner it started to snow!! It was sooo cool!! It didn't stick, but seeing snow in Busan is very rare!! Then after dinner, we still went outside and talked to other people and it was a great time!

On Saturday, we had a meeting in the morning and then we waited and contacted at the church until a member came to the church and took us to a farm out in the middle of no where, so we could have a oyster and meat party with all the members! It was great and I was able to eat a lot of oysters that day! Then we came back and did English class and
after English we meet with Nole, A recent convert. Then after all of this, we went outside and talked to others and it was cold.. very cold...

On Sunday, we had church and in the morning we helped the members with their baggage and everything and then church started and I was able to give my introductory talk and then I had to opportunity to translate for some members in our ward and also Sister Barrow (our mission president's wife) After all of that we went to class and then after church we met with a people we met on the street during the week and he came to church and had a great time! After which we had a meeting
with some members and were able to sing in the choir too and then we went outside and talked to many people and that was our week!

It is such a blessing being here no matter how cold it is! I love it and we will be able to see a whole lot of miracles here in Gumjeong!!!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Matthew Wilson

Week 69: Transferred... And training...

So this week I got transferred to a place called Gumjeong... So I will not be staying in Haeundai... But I will be training a new missionary that has not been to Korea and, I don't know exactly who my companion is going to be, but, I'm excited to find out this week. I'm really excited to serve and to train and really sad to leave Haeundai, but it will be a great ride.

Being transferred is a like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're going to get... But anyways, no matter what life throws you, you are always able to excel because of Jesus Christ and his love!

This last Monday, we really just relaxed at the house and then went to the church and played games with other missionaries! Then we went outside and shopped and emailed and then went outside and were able to meet with other people on the street.

On Tuesday, we went outside and went to our service project! It was fantastic. Then I went over to 괴정 and went on an exchange with Elder Dickman! We had a fun time talking and we were able to go outside and talked to a whole bunch of people on the street and then we were able to go to dinner while a less active who is going to start coming out to church.

Wednesday, we were able to go outside and talk to others on the street. We also were able to have a couple of meetings and then help others find their way around Haeundai and then we made a board to help us talk to others about the gospel.

On Thursday, we went outside for a little bit and then talked to some people and then we had to come back to our house and clean. After cleaning we went outside again and did some office work and then were able to help others come a little closer unto Christ.

Friday, we had a meeting in the morning and then we came back to Haeundai and talked to others and did a lot of office work at night.

On Saturday, we were really busy and we went outside and met with some
people that wanted to learn english and then we taught some
investigators and then for the rest of the day, we went to go visit
members and talk to people on our ways there. Then that night, I got a call saying that I was going to train a new missionary in Gumjeong.

ON Sunday, it was a sad, happy day, but I went to my last day at Haeundai ward and then went to a meeting and then went and ate dinner at a members house and then... Came home and packed and then that was it! I love you guys!!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

Week 68: Because I skipped Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR

明けましておめでとうございます! 새해 복 많이 받으세요! Happy New Years!! 2017!! Wow!! 
The last week of 2016 and the first few days of 2017 have been a roller coaster of good, betters, and bests!  It really is a blessing to be serving in Korea!! I was able to sing the national anthem this week in Church and it was amazing to hear all the Koreans sing it and also be able to participate as well!
Because it is 2017, everyone loves talking about goals or resolutions they make so that way, they can become a better person! I love goals and, really everything is motivated by having a goal. When I think about goals though, there are meaningful and effective goals, and not as meaningful and effective goals. Goals are rather interesting and it has been a topic in my mind for a few weeks now, but as we as people
think about the ultimate goal of life, we tend to shy away achieving greatness and settling for satisfactory. Indeed, we will have continuous struggles and hardships, but that is because goals are to make us excel. But, due to the Savior's everlasting atonement, these "unattainable", "perfect" goals become something more attainable. I hope that as we make goals, that we don't just set the bar high, but we make a plan to create stairs to reach that bar. And when we stumble, to always rely on Christ's love and for us to choose to get back up and change, not shy away.

Last week on Monday, we got to skype our families! So on Monday at 7:30, we left our house and our internet was down in Haeundai, so we had to go to another ward building and Skype! It was such a joy and a blessing to not only see and communicate with my family, but it really felt as though I was home! I was so happy this week probably because of that and it will have to last me the next few months, but it was
soo great!~ Then we had other missionaries Skype their families and that was also great to see others be so happy and with their families!
Then we went out to go eat and we went with all the elders in our house and then we went home and chilled! Then after that we went outside and talked to other people and that was our day!

On Tuesday, we went and helped out with our service activity and then after that, we went on exchanges with a couple of elders that live in downtown Busan. So I went to a place called Sujeong and we were able to talk to a bunch of people and then visit with some members and less active members! It was fantastic to meet new people and to love them and feel their love as well.

Wednesday we had a meeting in the morning and then came to Haeundai and talked to other people and then we went outside and tried talking to other people while it was kind of raining. But people stopped and talked with us and being able to talk about the gospel with them was so great and nice.

On Thursday, we went exploring! We went to the more countryside part of our area and took some buses and tried to find some members to no avail... But it was good being able to talk to other people on the street and then we came back to Haeundai and talked to some other people on the street and were able to talk to them about the gospel!!

On Friday morning, I woke up feeling kind of weird and it turned out I had a pretty decent fever. So I slept and took some medicine and then went out after a bit to go do some office work, and then I spiked a higher fever during the middle of the day, so I rested a little bit and later in the day, I decided that I was going to go outside and just do work, and everything turn out alright.

On Saturday, the sickness kind of lingered, but we went outside and talked to others and for some reason, no one really wanted to talk to us, but we kept talking to people and had some people want to talk with us and although they didn't want to meet again in the near future, it was great talking to them and getting to know them.

Then Sunday was fantastic! Everything was kicked and we were able to go to church and have some great church meetings and then we met with Suzepeng, our Chinese friend, and talked with him and he is doing great! Then we went outside and talked with a bunch of people and then
we went to a members house for dinner and then after dinner, we went outside and finished up our new year with helping others come close unto Christ!

It is wonderful being in Korea and talking to the Korean people! I truly do love them and we are finding some great people to talk to and people that want to meet with us! Korea truly is wonderful!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

메리 크리스마스 Merry Christmas