Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 95: Happy Birthday America!!

This week was awesome! It is starting to go get really hot, but Jeju is great!

This week I was thinking about how I talk to people on the street about the gospel. Is it something that I try to bring up quickly and force the conversation, or am I being to passive? Are they feeling the spirit and God's love for them? While I was thinking that I was able to imagine the way the Savior would talk to us and feel the love he
would have for us. So as I go outside and try to love everyone and teach to their needs, they would be able to feel the spirit better! I love the Savior because he truly loves us.

Monday we went to a beach and played Frisbee and then to end the day we had family home evening and did yoga and then played some games!

 On Tuesday, Happy 4th of July... So we had a district meeting and had lunch. I cooked steak and hot dogs and that was great! Then we went outside and talked to people and then had a meeting for missionaries and then after that we shared a message with the family that let us have dinner with them and then for the rest of the night, we went outside and talked to people about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Wednesday, we went outside and talked to people and were able to go to our service project! It is awesome being able to teach kids!

Thursday was going out to the newer part of Jeju and talking to people and going and meeting people and studying! It was awesome being able to walk around and meet such great people! After that we went to the
church and cleaned and then had English class! After English we went outside and talked to other people and that was Thursday.

On Friday we took a plane to Busan and had a meeting with the new Mission President! It was a great meeting and then we went on exchanges with the APs. It was great being able to learn and to talk to more people.

Saturday, we did the same thing and planned to meet some people and were able to meet with them and then we took a plane and came back to Jeju and met a new investigator! It was a great lesson and then we were able to go home!

On Sunday, we had church and were able to teach some classes and then we went to a meeting and then went and found some “less-actives."  After that we went home and then went outside again to go find some more

This week was wonderful!

Love always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

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