Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 94: It rained and went back to Busan

It is great being here on Jeju! Something that I thought about while talking to other people this week was how much the gospel is true. I was able to have a conversation with a less active over text yesterday and he was complaining about the church and the hard times that he is having, and one thing that I was able to feel was his longing for love and comfort. So we were able to have a good discussion and he figured out again God's love for him because he said he was looking for the answers to his prayers and apparently through my words he figured it
out. So it was awesome! I love this gospel so much!

So Monday was P-day! We went outside and went out to eat and went bowling! After bowling we went home and took a nap and then went off to go email. We also went shopping and all that jazz and then we went to family home evening where we played a couple games and it was great!

On Tuesday, we went and helped a less active member getting ready to go to America. So we fixed him up with some church members in the States and he looks likes he wants to be active in the states! After that we had an appointment come up, so we went to lunch and had a great appointment with our member and then it started raining super hard so we went home and studied. After studying, we went out for the rest of the day and talked to other people.

Wednesday, we went and cleaned the outside of the church and did some yard work. We seemed to have touched something really weird so all of us got super itchy, but that is fine. Then we had a appointment punk us and then we had our service project. Afterwards we had our weekly coordination meeting and then we went outside for the rest of the day and talked to people on the street.

On Thursday, we studied in the morning and then we had another kid punk us, but that is okay because it was raining super hard!! It was insane!! So we went to the church for a little bit after talking to people outside and then we did some office work and then went outside some more. After that we had English Class and English class
was awesome! We had an investigator come and we were able to teach him afterwards!

Friday, we took off on a plane for Busan for a meeting in the morning, so we went out for a bit and talked to people and then had our meeting. After that we took a plane home and then went to play basketball with a whole bunch of people and were able to meet with new people and make new relationships.

On Saturday we had soccer in the morning and then a missionary meeting. After that we went out to eat and then went home and studied. After studying we went outside for a little bit and helped others come closer unto Christ and then came to the church to clean. After cleaning the church we went to go play badminton with our investigator and then we taught him and then we met with another person that is a less active!

On Sunday we had church and that was a great day! WE got to bless the sacrament for some people that were visiting from Hong Kong and then got to have some meetings and teach and it was awesome! Then for the rest of the day we went outside and talked to people and weekly planned!

This week was awesome!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

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