Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 96: Exchanges!

This last week has been super humid.. If you were wondering about the weather!

This week I was able to learn a lot, but one thing that stood out to me was, God wants us to be happy and places people in our paths that can help us be happy. Life shouldn't be about worries and about sadness and we shouldn't need to drown out the sorrow with things of no worth. Life is about happiness. Although there is opposition, God wants us to be happy and because of this, he gives us families and friends and loved ones. He also gave us the gospel and sent his only Begotten son for us. How wonderful! :)

Last week on Monday, we climbed Halla mountain in the middle of a rain storm. Everything got super wet, including our phone and we had to get a new one. But it was a great experience. After that we came back and emailed and got changed and then went shopping. After all of this we had our family home evening and we played an ultimate game of spoons!

ON Tuesday we studied in the morning and then went outside and talked to people and had a really simple day. We went outside and talked to people and did some choir practice for our zone conference that was going to be held on the 17th and got to meet with some fantastic people.

On Wednesday, we studied in the morning and then went outside some more and it was a pretty good, and hot day so we were able to talk to a lot of people. then after that we went to our service project and then went to a members house and did something called a heart attack where you cut out paper hearts and put them on members doors! It was awesome!

On Thursday we were on exchanges and I went with Elder minson out to the middle of no where and visited some members houses and then we went outside and talked to a good amount of people. Then we met with a
semi less active young man and he super loves the missionaries so we went out to dinner and then had choir practice to end the day.

Friday was district meeting in Seogwipo and that was great! We were able to go and come back and then we studied and then went outside for most of the day. Afterwards we met with some recent converts and then
we had a missionary meeting and then we went out and played basketball with some kids. It was a great being able to play basketball with them and teach the gospel. Also it is super fun coaching kids and seeing their basketball skills increase.

On Saturday we went outside and talked to some people and then went to the church and cleaned and sung and then went out some more and tried to go visit some members houses, but we were unable to because they
weren't home. Then we kept talking to people on the street and then we went to the newer part of Jeju and played some basketball and met some people that want to learn more able the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Sunday was packed and extremely busy. We had church and then we had our new mission president come and have a fireside and before that fireside we had a meeting with him and other church leaders. After that we went outside and talked to people and cleaned up the church and planned a little bit and then they came to our house at the end of the night and inspected our house.

Missionary work really brings so much joy and it is awesome!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

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