Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 90: Back to Home land. I can never stay on the Island

This week has been hot and it looks like it is going to rain this next week! I'm doing well and having a great time here on Jeju!

Today I wanted to talk about the joy the gospel brings and the power of repentance. I feel like sometimes it is hard to forgive people or even ourselves because we think that we have been cheated or robbed or hurt. But I know that through the Savior and his atonement, that we can be clean and made whole! I love the Savior for this reason, because he helps us overcome our weaknesses!

On Monday we went out to a place called Seogwipo and went to a huge waterfall! It was beautiful and we got to play on the beach for a bit too! After which we came back home and got ready for family home evening and got to play with the young single adults!

On Tuesday, we had a kind of crazy day. We went outside in the morning and met with an investigator on the street and went and had a lesson and then we went outside to do studies after going home for a little bit and then we went to the church to make a movie for our young single adult activity that was to be held of Saturday. And then in the afternoon we had some more meetings!

On Wednesday, we went to a meeting in the morning and then came back to Jeju and went to the church and worked on the movie and some other things for other meetings in the week and then went to our service project. After which we went outside for the rest of the night and were able to talk to other people.

Thursday, we went outside and talked to a lot of people and went to the church for a bit to work on things and then in the evening, we took a plane back to mainland Korea for a meeting to be held on Friday!

On Friday, we had our meeting and then went up to Daegu because our flight back to Jeju was at 6 in the morning from Daegu, so we went around Daegu and talked to people and were able to help them come unto Christ~!

Saturday was full of preparing and inviting people to our young single adult activity! So we got that set up and we showed our little presentation that we had made for them and then we went them off to do a picture taking scavenger hunt and then ate Korean Barbeque to end!

On Sunday, we had church and 93 people attended, which is a ton for Jeju Branch and then we had a meeting with the group presidency of Jeju. After which we went outside for the rest of the day and talked to others and taught them about Christ!

This week was a wonderful week and I love being here and having a fun time!

Love ALways,

Elder Joshua Wilson

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