Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 92: Going back for Zone Conference

This last week was a great week to really talk to people and to really help them come unto Christ. As I grow as a missionary, everyday is so different and everyone's needs are so unique and being able to meet with people and talk to them is a great thing and I can really feel God's love for them!

This week I was able to learn a lot about other people's needs. The gospel is for everyone, but not everyone believes that they need it. But not only that, but as people, we mix and mingle with others and become great friends, but we must understand that everyone has needs and we have been placed in their path to help them. One kid we met expressed to us about his family, and how as he grows older and longs to find a dream that he wants to become more like his father and wants to grow closer to God as well. So we were able to talk to him
about why knowing our purpose in life is important and because God loves us, he helps us out. The gospel is something that is so great that no matter how diverse the world is and how diverse a person is, they too can receive the gospel and feel the joy and peace that comes from it!

On Monday, we hung out in Jeju and went to an ice museum... Yes an Ice museum! It was super cool and they had a huge ice slide and everything. It was a great time being with others and with our fellow missionaries and we were able to go see home art work and pop art is super great! Then after that, we went to the church and played
dodge ball with the people that attended family home evening!

Tuesday, we went outside and talked to a bunch of people and were able to find some good and ready people. Then we hopped on a plane and went to Busan for our Zone Conference that was to be held on Wednesday and
it would be President Barrow's last zone conference, so super sad. So we got in and ate dinner and then went to the Haeundai house.

On Wednesday, we woke up in the morning and went off to the mission home and it turned out that everyone was going to be coming to the mission home for Zone Conference and would get to meet and be able to hear from President Barrow. So we were able to be spiritually enriched and we ate lunch and then afterwards, Elder Cronin and I went on exchanges with the Assistants to the President.

On Thursday, we continued our exchange and went outside and talked to others and then we were able to study a little bit and then we met with a rapper that called us and said he wanted to meet. He was having a hard time and he wants to make it big, but doesn't handle criticism very well, so we ended up meeting with him and talking about the Gospel and the joy it can bring in life. After that, we took a plane home and then went to English class and then went home.

Friday, we woke up in the morning and went outside and then during the day too, we went outside and talked to people after doing weekly planning and then we played basketball at the end of the day with some people that we didn't know and some less active members. It was a great time playing basketball and it is always great to meet people while playing basketball.

Saturday, we went outside in the morning and were able to find some really good people and then we got a call from a less active member that he wanted to attend one of the activities that they were doing at the church, so we went and attended the activity with him and then cleaned up the church and after all of this, we ended the day by doing outside for a good amount of time and finding great people to talk to and people that want to follow the example of Jesus Christ.

Sunday was filled with church and translating and then going outside for the rest of the day and talking to other people. The joy the gospel brings is so large and it is truly visible. I love this gospel and the opportunity I have to talk to the Korean people and share the gospel. This work is fantastic!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

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