Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 93: Last 2 transfers start

This last week was a fantastic week! A lot fo rain and humidity, but it was awesome. Also.. I didn't get transferred! so I'm still with Elder Cronin and I will be his last companion!

Last Sunday was interesting because on our way home from church I had a strong feeling that we needed to really talk to everyone that me met, so we talked with everyone that we could see and everyone rejected us. But right as we were about to go home, we saw someone and I had the feeling to say hi. So we did and it turned out he was a Chinese man looking for a church to attend. With broken Korean he said he liked church and we were able to invite him to church. He came to church and it was great being able to see his face light up as he came
and was able to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. this gospel is so infinite and it really does bring so much joy to others!

Last Monday we took off in the morning to go visit a dormant volcano! It was great climbing it and then afterwards we went and ate at a meat buffet. After which, we got email done and shopped and then we had family home evening at the church. So we played dodge ball inside the church and everyone seemed like they had a lot of fun.

On Tuesday it rained... All day... So that meant one thing... Going outside and talking to people that we could find and helping them come unto Christ. So we did that and our clothes were soaking wet, but it was great! Then we had a meeting with a member and were able to talk about the needs of the branch. It was a great meeting!

On Wednesday, I was on exchanges with Elder Smoot, so in the morning we had a great meeting and then we went outside and talked to bunch of people and were able to meet some great people! We also were able to do language study and then we met with a less active member that is preparing to go to the states for school and we are helping him become active in the states. Also we met with a new investigator and that was awesome as well.

Thursday, we went outside in the morning and then cleaned our house thoroughly and then went outside some more and talked to people! Then we had English class and at our English class, we also have people that want to learn Korean, so I taught Korean!

On Friday, we went over to the newer part of Jeju and went and visited some members and walked around and met some great people then too! Then we had to go back to the church and meet an investigator and then
we went and had dinner at a less actives home! It really reminded me of the family! It was great!

On Saturday we studied and went outside in the morning and then cleaned the church and then met with some people because we called them up and they wanted to meet. Then we attended a meeting with a few members and had a great time with them and then we were able to meet with some more new investigators and then to end the day we met with a less active. At night Elder Smoot got a call to go to Andong and the rest of house stayed the same. So I'm with Elder Cronin for this next transfer too!!

On Sunday we had church and i was able to translate church for a Chinese man. He doesn't know English and he knows a little bit of Korean, so Chinese was great to talk and communicate with him with! We also were able to go outside and help people and it was a very spiritually enriched Sunday.

This week was great and we had a great time talking to others!

Love always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

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