Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 91: Finally a full week on Jeju and Exchanges

This week the weather has been kind of cloudy, but that is alright because there is always sunshine in my soul!  This week was a great week and I loved every minute of it!

Yesterday I was translating a talk in church that a member gave about faith.  It was really interesting translating the ways he thought his faith has grown throughout his life.  One thing that I was able to feel was his love for Christ and the amount of effort he put in to find out the simple truths of the gospel.  I know that through diligence and hard work and with a focused effort can we help others come closer unto Christ and we, ourselves can come closer unto him!

Monday, we were planning to go out to an island, but missed the ferry, so we went to a beach and hung out and made some sand castles and what not. While making it, people came up to us and talked to us and took pictures with us. Also a news crew came up to us and started talking to us about the beach and about life guards and stuff, so I got to get interviewed on TV.  So apparently I showed up on channel 7 news on Jeju.  After that, we had family home evening at the church and it was yoga and volleyball!  It was a great time!

Tuesday, we went outside in the morning and it was raining and in Korea.  It was memorial day so there weren't many people out.  But after we studied and then we went outside some more and got to talk to some people and then at the end of the day, we had an activity scheduled with our members to play basketball.  So we went outside and played basketball for a while and brought investigators and it was a blast!

On Wednesday, we had an exchange with Jeju B team and so we went outside in the morning and then studied and then went outside some more. After which we went tot our service project and then we went to the church and had our weekly missionary coordination meeting and then
met with some members afterward. Then we went outside for the rest of the day and were able to talk to other people.

Thursday, we had a meeting with some missionaries and then we met an investigaotr randomly on the street and then had exchanges with the Seogwipo Elders. So I went out there and were able to talk with others and go to another service project and then ended off the day by
talking to more people.

Friday was coming back to Jeju city and then going outside for a bit and then doing some weekly planning. After that, we went outside and played some basketball with some less active members and with some investigators and then we went to another park and found some more
people to play with and got their numbers and played basketball with them.

On Saturday, we went outside and talked to people and got to help others come closer unto Christ and we were able to meet with a few investigators and then we went outside to do some more basketball with people, but it started raining, so we got to teach them a bunch and got to get close with them and it was a great day!

Yesterday was church and we had a great time at church and we were able to talk to a bunch of people and got to translate. There was also a  baptism for a child in the ward, but the hot water wasn't working, so we were boiling water in rice cookers and then putting it in, and then after that we went outside and helped a member out.  To finish the day, President Barrow and Sister Barrow came to the Island and we had a fireside for their going away. It will be super sad that they are taking off soon!

This week was a great week and I'm so happy to be here serving other!

Love Always,

Elder Joshua Wilson

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